CS 106 (Fall 2010)

Midterm Exam

The CS 106 midterm will be held in class, starting at 1:00pm on Thu Oct 28 (i.e., the X-hour).

The exam will be designed to be finishable within the X-hour, but it is not about speed-solving, so the submission deadline will be 3:00pm on the same day. This will be a written exam; you won't need to use a computer (and in fact, you are not allowed to).

Honor Code

The honor code principle applies to this exam as follows. The exam is closed-book and closed-notes, except that you are allowed a "cheat sheet". This should consist of a single sheet of letter paper. You can write (or print, using a printer) whatever you want on both sides of the sheet. Preparing this cheat sheet should be done entirely on your own, and you are not allowed to share any portion of your cheat sheet with others.


The syllabus for the exam consists of Lectures 1 through 19 of the textbook.