Computer Science 60
lab assignments -  network programming

Lab                                                                             Assigned Date               Dute Date
Lab1 - Packet sniffing                                                                    Monday March  25                   Sunday,  March 31  (midnight)

Lab2 - Reverse engineering sockets: a puzzle                               Monday,  April  1                     Sunday, April  7 (midnight) 

Lab3 - IM application                                                                     Monday,  April  8                    Sunday, April  14  (midnight)   

Lab4 - Simple Reliable Transport (SIG)                                        Monday,  April  15                   Saturday, April  21 (midnight)

Lab5 - DartNet: Simple Reliable Transport (SRT-GBN)               Monday April  22                   Sunday,  April  28 (midnight) 

Lab6 - DartNet: Simple Overlay Network (SON)                          Monday,  April 29                   Sunday, May 5 (midnight)

Lab7 - DartNet: Simple Network Protocol (SNP)                         Monday, May 6                       Wednesday,  May 15 (midnight

Project: 3586 (shared across the group).

See the project page for the remaining schedule and for important milestones and what is needed for those

How to submit programming assignments

We are using Subversion Version Control (SVN) for the submission of programming assignments. SVN is a tool for source code management. How are we going to submit programming labs using SVN? First, create a directory for each new lab (viz. lab1, lab2, lab3, lab3, lab5, lab6 and lab7). We will make a copy of your SVN directory after the deadline for submission.

Please make sure that each lab directory (e.g., lab2) contains a simple text file (called README) briefly describing the source code in the directory and anything “unusual” about how your solution should be located, executed, and considered. Essentially, your README gives us a quick overview of the content on the directory and how to run your programs. You also need to include a Makefile in your submission directory.

Your svn repository root is at For example: Note, repo in yourreponame is short for respository. But replace campbell with your repsoitory account username. You should have received this from Wayne or the TA. When you click on the svn URL above you will be asked to enter a username and password: enter your full DND (also blitz name) as your username and Blitz password as your password; DO NOT use your CS account name and password to login to the svn server - it will not work.

NOTE, for classes after 2013 this is relevant: change cs60-s13 to the correct year and term.

We will have a lecture on how to use svn but you do can read the notes in advance in you like.