Detailed submission information

For each lab - for example there should be a Lab1_submission directory in the repo (repository) we should see three files: If I were to look into Lab1_submission I would see:

├── MyRuns1.apk
├── README.txt

If you decide to use SVN for committing your source tree (strongly recommended) then there would be two sub directories per lab:


where Lab1/ would be the root of your complete project source tree. This would look exactly the the same as your project in ADT/Eclipse.

There is a SVN plugin for Eclipse plugin that might simplify the process.

How to prepare the three files to commit

Assume we are discussing Lab1_submission. The following three files need to be submitted.

Commit MyRuns1.apk

A complete zip of your project needs to be committed. Go to your workspace folder. e.g., in my case (and from the terminal)

$cd /Users/atc/Dropbox/teaching/cs65/workspace

You can list the project from there

$ ls MyRuns1
AndroidManifest.xml gen res
assets proguard.cfg src

Now zip it:

$zip -r MyRuns1/

Then, you will see the zip file in your directory

$ ls *.zip

commit this file.

Commit MyRuns1.apk

You need to go into the bin directory of your project first

$ cd /Users/atc/Dropbox/teaching/cs65/workspace/MyRuns1/bin

List the files

 $ ls
 AndroidManifest.xml classes.dex resources.ap_
 MyRuns1.apk dexedLibs
 classes res

You see the apk MyRuns1.apk

Now commit MyRuns1.apk

Commit README.txt

The file should provide any additional information in plain text (no word files please) about your submission such as an extra credit

How to commit files and source trees

Read Subversion Version Control (SVN)