Current lab members

  • Chris Bailey-Kellogg
  • Yoonjoo Choi
  • Karen Dowell
  • Lu He
  • Li Jiang
  • Deeptak Verma

Highlighted projects

  • deimmunization
  • antibody effector functions
  • MHC:peptide:TCR
  • graphical models
  • recombination
  • oligomer

Current/upcoming classes

Fall 2014: Bioinformatics (CS 75/175) Winter 2015: Computational immunology (CS 89/189)
CS 75/175 CS 89/189

Recent papers

  • Polyfunctional Fc-Effector Profiles Mediated by IgG Subclass Selection Distinguish RV144 and VAX003 Vaccines
  • Stoichiometries and affinities of interacting proteins from concentration series of solution scattering data:  Decomposition by least squares and quadratic optimization
  • Integrated assessment of predicted MHC binding and cross-conservation with self reveals patterns of viral camouflage
  • Learning sequence determinants of protein:protein interaction specificity with sparse graphical models
  • Divergent antibody subclass and specificity profiles but not protective HLA-B alleles are associated with variable antibody effector function among HIV-1 controllers
  • Improved Multiple Sequence Alignments using Coupled Pattern Mining



Nov 14Welcome to QBS PhD student Mavra Nasir, who will be rotating in the lab this winter
Nov 14Congratulations to Regina, Andrew, et al., whose paper "Mapping the Pareto Optimal Design Space for a Functionally Deimmunized Biotherapeutic Candidate" was accepted to PLOS Computational Biology
Nov 14Welcome to Jean Zhou, who will be doing a WISP internship on anti-HIV antibodies
Oct 14Chris is giving an invited talk at the 8th Vaccine Congress
Oct 14Congratulations to Lu, whose paper "Hit-and-run, hit-and-stay, and commensal bacteria present different peptide content when viewed from the perspective of the T cell" was accepted for oral presentation at CV4 (Computational Vaccinology @ ISV)
Sep 14Welcome to Matt Stone, who will be doing a senior thesis on genomic structural variation



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6211 Sudikoff Lab, Hanover, NH 03755, USA
Sudikoff Lab (corner of Maynard & College), room 250