Current lab members

  • Chris Bailey-Kellogg
  • Yoonjoo Choi
  • Karen Dowell
  • Lu He
  • Li Jiang
  • Deeptak Verma

Highlighted projects

  • deimmunization
  • antibody effector functions
  • MHC:peptide:TCR
  • graphical models
  • recombination
  • oligomer

Current/upcoming classes

Winter 2015: Computational immunology (CS 89/189)
CS 89/189

Recent papers

  • Polyfunctional Fc-Effector Profiles Mediated by IgG Subclass Selection Distinguish RV144 and VAX003 Vaccines
  • Stoichiometries and affinities of interacting proteins from concentration series of solution scattering data:  Decomposition by least squares and quadratic optimization
  • Integrated assessment of predicted MHC binding and cross-conservation with self reveals patterns of viral camouflage
  • Learning sequence determinants of protein:protein interaction specificity with sparse graphical models
  • Divergent antibody subclass and specificity profiles but not protective HLA-B alleles are associated with variable antibody effector function among HIV-1 controllers
  • Improved Multiple Sequence Alignments using Coupled Pattern Mining



Feb 15Congratulations to Ickwon, whose paper "Machine learning methods enable predictive modeling of antibody feature:function relationships in RV144 vaccinees" was accepted to PLOS Computational Biology
Jan 15Congratulations to Regina, Yoonjoo, et al., whose paper "Protein deimmunization via structure-based design enables efficient epitope deletion at high mutational loads" was accepted to Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Jan 15Congratulations to Deep, whose paper "Structure-based Design of Combinatorial Mutagenesis Libraries" was accepted to Protein Science



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6211 Sudikoff Lab, Hanover, NH 03755, USA
Sudikoff Lab (corner of Maynard & College), room 250