Current lab members

  • Chris Bailey-Kellogg
  • Andrew O'Laughlin
  • Daniel Mattox
  • Srivamshi Pittala
  • ~Neerja Thakkar
  • Deeptak Verma

Highlighted projects

  • deimmunization
  • antibody effector functions
  • MHC:peptide:TCR
  • graphical models
  • recombination
  • oligomer

Current/upcoming classes

Spring 2017: Computational immunology (CS 89/189)
CS 89/189

Recent papers

  • Antibody humanization by structure-based computational protein design
  • Depleting T cell epitopes in lysostpahin mitigates anti-drug antibody responses and enhances antibacterial efficacy in vivo
  • Structure-based redesign of lysostaphin yields potent antistaphylococcal enzymes that evade immune cell surveillance
  • Machine learning methods enable predictive modeling of antibody feature:function relationships in RV144 vaccinees
  • Structure-based design of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries.
Structure-based design of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries.
Structure-based design of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries
  • Mapping the Pareto optimal design space for a functionally deimmunized biotherapeutic candidate



Jun 17Congratulations to Deep and Andrew P. for their contributions to our latest deimmunization paper "Computationally optimized deimmunization libraries yield highly mutated enzymes with low immunogenicity and enhanced activity", published in PNAS
Jun 17Welcome to QBS student Daniel Mattox, who is joining us for his PhD research
Jun 17Congratulations to Chris Park for being awarded honors for graduation, due in part to his honors thesis "An Iterative Approach to Computational Epitope Localization by Integrating Epitope Binning Data and Antigen Mutagenesis Analysis"
Jun 17Congratulations to Srivamshi for contributions to a paper just published in Nature Communications: "Pentavalent HIV-1 vaccine protects against simian-human immunodeficiency virus challenge"
May 17Chris is speaking at PEGS Boston on "Preclinical immunogenicity assessment of engineered lysins: next-gen antibiotics"



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