May 15Some interviews and press about our lysostaphin work: VPR, WNNE, ACS Noteworthy Chemistry, Chemical & Engineering News
Apr 15More congratulations to the lysostaphin team, on acceptance of "Structure-based Redesign of Lysostaphin Yields Potent Anti-Staphylococcal Enzymes that Evade Immune Cell Surveillance" to Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development
Apr 15Congratulations to Hongliang, Wen, et al. from Karl Griswold's lab on the experimental side, and Deep and Yoonjoo on the computational side, on acceptance of "Depletion of T cell epitopes in lysostaphin mitigates anti-drug antibody response and enhances antibacterial efficacy in vivo" to Chemistry & Biology
Mar 15Congratulations to Matt, who finished off his senior thesis and is heading down to work with the Talkowski lab at MGH
Mar 15Welcome to first-year CS PhD student Srivamshi Pittala, who will do a research project with us this spring
Feb 15The NIH has awarded an STTR grant to us and our good friends at Stealth Biologics, to continue the development of lysostaphin, a potent anti-staphylococcal enzyme
Feb 15Congratulations to Ickwon, whose paper "Machine learning methods enable predictive modeling of antibody feature:function relationships in RV144 vaccinees" was accepted to PLOS Computational Biology
Jan 15Congratulations to Regina, Yoonjoo, et al., whose paper "Protein deimmunization via structure-based design enables efficient epitope deletion at high mutational loads" was accepted to Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Jan 15Congratulations to Deep, whose paper "Structure-based Design of Combinatorial Mutagenesis Libraries" was accepted to Protein Science
Dec 14Congratulations to Ryan, who was awarded the Francis L. Town Prize Scientific Prize in Computer Science.
Nov 14Welcome to QBS PhD student Mavra Nasir, who will be rotating in the lab this winter
Nov 14Congratulations to Regina, Andrew, et al., whose paper "Mapping the Pareto Optimal Design Space for a Functionally Deimmunized Biotherapeutic Candidate" was accepted to PLOS Computational Biology
Nov 14Welcome to Jean Zhou, who will be doing a WISP internship on anti-HIV antibodies
Oct 14Chris is giving an invited talk at the 8th Vaccine Congress
Oct 14Congratulations to Lu, whose paper "Hit-and-run, hit-and-stay, and commensal bacteria present different peptide content when viewed from the perspective of the T cell" was accepted for oral presentation at CV4 (Computational Vaccinology @ ISV)
Sep 14Welcome to Matt Stone, who will be doing a senior thesis on genomic structural variation
Sep 14We contributed to a couple new papers: "Identification of antibody glycosylation structures that predict monoclonal antibody Fc-effector function" (AIDS; Chung & Alter) and "HCV Epitope, Homologous to Multiple Human Protein Sequences, Induces a Regulatory T Cell Response in Infected Patients" (J. Hepatol.; Losikoff & Gregory).
Aug 14Congratulations to Dr. Lu He, who successfully defended her dissertation "Computational Methods for the Discovery and Application of Protein Sequence-Structure-Function Relationships"
Jul 14An additional postdoctoral position is available in machine learning / computational immunology
Jul 143dsig / ISMB presentations by the lab: Deep ("Structure-based design of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries"), Karen ("Integrated Predictive Models of Antibody Features and Effector Cell Functions Provide Insights into Immune Response to Natural HIV Infection"), and Yoonjoo ("Structure-based antibody humanization").
Jun 14Welcome to Ryan Amos and Jai Woo Lee, who will be doing summer research projects in the lab
Jun 14Congratulations to Amelia, who was awarded departmental honors at graduation. Her honors thesis is titled "Discontinuous B-cell epitope prediction from peptide binding data"
May 14Congratulations to Regina (Karl Griwsold's lab), Andrew, et al., whose paper "Computationally Driven Deletion of Broadly Distributed T cell Epitopes in a Biotherapeutic Candidate" was accepted to Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
May 14Our CHOPPI paper ("CHOPPI: a web tool for the analysis of immunogenicity risk from host cell proteins in CHO-based protein production") has been accepted to Biotechnology & Bioengineering
May 14Chris is giving a best poster presentation at PEGS, for "Structure-based design of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries" (Deep's work, collaborative with Gevorg Grigoryan)

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