May 13Ackerman/Alter paper "Natural variation in Fc glycosylation of HIV-specific antibodies impacts antiviral activity" out in J Clin Invest
Apr 13Thanks to the NSF, the department cluster is red hot now (1200 cores, 216TB storage, etc.)
Apr 13Congratulations to Tozammel (Naren Ramakrishnan's group, Va Tech) -- the journal version of "Improved Multiple Sequence Alignments using Coupled Pattern Mining" has been accepted to TCBB
Apr 13Chris will be promoted to Full Professor this summer, pending approval of the Trustees
Apr 13ICubed paper "The two-faced T cell epitope: Examining the host-microbe interface with JanusMatrix" is out in Hum Vaccin Immunother
Mar 13Congratulations to artist-in-residence Yoonjoo for the J Comp Chem cover article
Mar 13Sudeshna's paper (Bruce Craig's group, Purdue) "Bayesian reconstruction of P(r) directly from 2-D detector images" has been accepted to J. Appl. Cryst.
Mar 13[Now filled] Postdoctoral position available in machine learning / computational immunology
Feb 13Andrew and Yoonjoo's paper "Structure-Guided Deimmunization of Therapeutic Proteins" is out in JCB
Feb 13Lu's paper "Ballast: A Ball-based Algorithm for Structural Motifs" is out in JCB
Jan 13Welcome to Dr. Deeptak Verma, who is joining us as a postdoc, after completing a PhD in computational biology at UNC-Charlotte with Dennis Livesay and Donald Jacobs.
Dec 12Congratulations to Dr. Himanshu Chandola on a successful defense of his dissertation "Geometrical and probabilistic methods for determining association models and structures of protein complexes".
Nov 12Congratulations to Yoonjoo, whose paper "Structure-based redesign of proteins for minimal T cell epitope content" was accepted to J. Comp. Chem.
Oct 12[Now filled] Postdoc position available in computational protein design / computational immunology.
Sep 12Congratulations to Eric (Margie Ackerman's group) whose paper "High-throughput, multiplexed IgG subclassing of antigen-specific antibodies from clinical samples" was accepted to J. Immunol. Methods
Jul 12Congraulations to Andres (ICubed) whose paper "Immunoinformatic Analysis of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Protein Contaminants in Therapeutic Protein Formulations" was accepted to ICIW at ACM-BCB
Jul 12Congratulations to Tozammel (Naren Ramakrishnan's group, Va Tech) whose paper "Improved Multiple Sequence Alignments using Coupled Pattern Mining" was accepted to ACM-BCB
Jul 12Congratulations to Dan (Karl Griswold's lab) whose paper "Design and Analysis of Immune-Evading Enzymes for ADEPT Therapy" (experimentally evaluating some of our computational designs) was accepted at PEDS
Jun 12The NSF will be supporting the computational infrastructure needs of the department with a significant expansion of our cluster (~ 64 new 12-core nodes, high-performance distributed storage, etc.)
May 12Welcome to Dr. Ickwon Choi, who is joining us as a postdoc after finishing his PhD at Case Western / Cleveland Clinic, working with Dr. Michael Kattan.
Apr 12Congratulations again to Tuobin, whose algorithmic work for our phosphoproteomics collaboration with Scott Gerber has yielded a paper to appear in Bioinformatics: "MMFPh: A Maximal Motif Finder for Phosphoproteomics Datasets"
Apr 12Congratulations to Tuobin, whose phosphoproteomics work in collaboration with Scott Gerber has yielded a paper to appear in Chemistry & Biology: "Rapid determination of multiple linear kinase substrate motifs by mass spectrometry"
Apr 12Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Scott Parker, who successfully defended his PhD dissertation "Combinatorial optimization methods for the design of deimmunized protein therapeutics"
Mar 12Lu's DNA shuffling paper is out in BMC BIoinformatics
Feb 12The NIH is supporting our therapeutic protein work (collaborative with Karl Griswold, Engineering, and Annie De Groot, Institute for Immunology and Informatics) with an R21 grant "Computationally optimized anti-staphylococcal biotherapeutics"

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