Apr 16Congratulations to Karen and Eric for contributions to a paper accepted in Nature Medicine: "Adjuvant dependent innate and adaptive immune signatures of risk of SIVmac251 acquisition"
Mar 16Chris is speaking at the ACS symposium on "Advances in Computer-Aided Biologics Design"
Mar 16The Gates Foundation is supporting further antibody profile analysis that we'll be helping model, with a grant "Defining Signatures of Antibody Responses that Correlate with Protection to Develop Down Selection Criteria to Guide Vaccine Candidate Selection" (PI: G. Alter, MGH)
Mar 16Chris is presenting "Discovering and Modeling Relationships among Antibody Properties, Functional Activities, and Protection, Using Multidimensional Assays of Polyclonal Samples" at the US HUPO conference
Jan 16Chris is giving a talk entitled "Enhancing Therapeutic Efficacy by Depleting T Cell Epitopes" at the GTC Bio Immunogenicity & Immunotoxicity conference
Dec 15Congratulations to Eric (Margie Ackerman's lab) and Karen, whose paper "Polyfunctional HIV-specific antibody responses are associated with spontaneous HIV control" was accepted for publication in PLOS Pathogens
Nov 15Welcome to Michelle Vaccaro, who will be joining us this winter and spring as a WISP intern, analyzing HIV antibodies
Sep 15Welcome to Srivamshi Pittala, who will be pursuing his PhD research with us
Aug 15Welcome to Chris Rees (Jane Hill's lab, engineering), who was awarded a Burroughs-Wellcome grant to "cross-train" with us on his work on characterization and detection of drug resistant pathogens
Aug 15Welcome to Jennifer Franks (Mike Whitfield's lab, genetics), who was awarded a Burroughs-Wellcome grant to "cross-train" with us on her work studying immune responses driving systemic sclerosis
Aug 15Congratulations to Lu, whose paper "Hit-and-run, hit-and-stay, and commensal bacteria present different peptide content when viewed from the perspective of the T cell" was accepted for publication in Vaccine
Jul 15Chris is speaking at the Bioeconomy 2015 conference
Jul 15Yoonjoo is speaking at the Gordon Conference on Computer-Aided Drug Design
Jul 15Congratulations to Yoonjoo, along with Casey Hua (Margie Ackerman's lab), whose paper "Antibody Humanization by Structure-Based Computational Protein Design" was accepted for publication in mAbs
Jun 15Congratulations to Jean Zhou and Jessie Anderson, both of whom have been selected as Sophomore Science Scholars to pursue research with us
May 15Some interviews and press about our lysostaphin work: VPR, WNNE, ACS Noteworthy Chemistry, Chemical & Engineering News
Apr 15More congratulations to the lysostaphin team, on acceptance of "Structure-based Redesign of Lysostaphin Yields Potent Anti-Staphylococcal Enzymes that Evade Immune Cell Surveillance" to Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development
Apr 15Congratulations to Hongliang, Wen, et al. from Karl Griswold's lab on the experimental side, and Deep and Yoonjoo on the computational side, on acceptance of "Depletion of T cell epitopes in lysostaphin mitigates anti-drug antibody response and enhances antibacterial efficacy in vivo" to Chemistry & Biology
Mar 15Congratulations to Matt, who finished off his senior thesis and is heading down to work with the Talkowski lab at MGH
Mar 15Welcome to first-year CS PhD student Srivamshi Pittala, who will do a research project with us this spring
Feb 15The NIH has awarded an STTR grant to us and our good friends at Stealth Biologics, to continue the development of lysostaphin, a potent anti-staphylococcal enzyme
Feb 15Congratulations to Ickwon, whose paper "Machine learning methods enable predictive modeling of antibody feature:function relationships in RV144 vaccinees" was accepted to PLOS Computational Biology
Jan 15Congratulations to Regina, Yoonjoo, et al., whose paper "Protein deimmunization via structure-based design enables efficient epitope deletion at high mutational loads" was accepted to Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Jan 15Congratulations to Deep, whose paper "Structure-based Design of Combinatorial Mutagenesis Libraries" was accepted to Protein Science
Dec 14Congratulations to Ryan, who was awarded the Francis L. Town Prize Scientific Prize in Computer Science.

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