Jun 14Welcome to Ryan Amos and Jai Woo Lee, who will be doing summer research projects in the lab
Jun 14Congratulations to Amelia, who was awarded departmental honors at graduation. Her honors thesis is titled "Discontinuous B-cell epitope prediction from peptide binding data"
May 14Congratulations to Regina (Karl Griwsold's lab), Andrew, et al., whose paper "Computationally Driven Deletion of Broadly Distributed T cell Epitopes in a Biotherapeutic Candidate" was accepted to Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
May 14Our CHOPPI paper ("CHOPPI: a web tool for the analysis of immunogenicity risk from host cell proteins in CHO-based protein production") has been accepted to Biotechnology & Bioengineering
May 14Chris is giving a best poster presentation at PEGS, for "Structure-based design of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries" (Deep's work, collaborative with Gevorg Grigoryan)
Mar 14Congratulations to movie star Regina (Karl Griswold's lab) whose video "A High Throughput MHC II Binding Assay for Quantitative Analysis of Peptide Epitopes" is available in J Vis Exp
Mar 14Welcome to Amelia Antrim, who will be doing her senior thesis on B cell epitopes
Mar 14Chris is speaking at the New Technologies, New Vaccines conference
Mar 14Congratulations to Amy (Galit Alter's lab) et al., whose paper "Polyfunctional Fc-Effector Profiles Mediated by IgG Subclass Selection Distinguish RV144 and VAX003 Vaccines" is out in Sci Transl Med
Mar 14Congratulations to Lu, whose IcoVax paper "Integrated assessment of predicted MHC binding and cross-conservation with self reveals patterns of viral camouflage" is now published in BMC Bioinf
Mar 14Congratulations to Himanshu, whose paper "Stoichiometries and affinities of interacting proteins from concentration series of solution scattering data: Decomposition by least squares and quadratic optimization" was accepted to J Appl Cryst
Feb 14Congratulations to Hongliang and Kristina (Karl Griswold's lab), whose paper "Gene and protein sequence optimization for high level production of fully active and aglycosylated lysostaphin in Pichia pastoris" was accepted to Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Jan 14Welcome to Liane Makatura, who will be doing a WISP internship on analysis of antibody data
Dec 13Congratulations to Jenn (Margie Ackerman's lab) et al. whose paper "Divergent antibody subclass and specificity profiles but not protective HLA-B alleles are associated with variable antibody effector function among HIV-1 controllers" was accepted to J. Virology
Dec 13Congratulations to Hetu and Bornika whose paper "Learning Sequence Determinants of Protein:protein Interaction Specificity with Sparse Graphical Models" was accepted to RECOMB-14.
Oct 13Announcing Stealth Biologics, our start-up company for engineering immunotolerance of therapeutic proteins.
Oct 13Congratulations to Lu, whose paper "Integrated assessment of predicted MHC binding and cross-conservation with self reveals patterns of viral camouflage" was accepted to IcoVax.
Sep 13Our CHOPPI web server (for analyzing CHO Protein Predicted Immunogenicity) is being unveiled by collaborator Annie De Groot (EpiVax and ICubed) at a mAb workshop
Aug 13A long-awaited lab hike up Mt. Cardigan (super-windy up there that day):
Aug 13Welcome to Dr. Karen Dowell, who is joining us as a postdoc after completing her PhD at the Jackson Laboratory with Matt Hibbs
Jul 13Congratulations to Himanshu, whose paper "Simultaneous determination of subunit and complex structures of symmetric homo-oligomers from ambiguous NMR data" has been accepted to ACM-BCB.
May 13Ackerman/Alter paper "Natural variation in Fc glycosylation of HIV-specific antibodies impacts antiviral activity" out in J Clin Invest
Apr 13Thanks to the NSF, the department cluster is red hot now (1200 cores, 216TB storage, etc.)
Apr 13Congratulations to Tozammel (Naren Ramakrishnan's group, Va Tech) -- the journal version of "Improved Multiple Sequence Alignments using Coupled Pattern Mining" has been accepted to TCBB
Apr 13Chris will be promoted to Full Professor this summer, pending approval of the Trustees

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