Jan 17The NIH will be supporting our antibody epitope analysis work with a new collaborative grant with Ben Brooks (Wasatch Microfluidics) and Gary Cohen (Penn): "High-throughput, multiplexed characterization and modeling of antibody:antigen binding, with application to HSV"
Jan 17Chris is speaking at PepTalk 2017 on "Computationally Driven Identification of Antibody Epitopes"
Jan 17Congratulations and welcome to Neerja Thakkar, who was awarded a Sophomore Science Scholarship to work on "Clustering complementarity determining regions of T cell receptor repertoires"
Jan 17Welcome to Chris Park, who will be doing his senior thesis research with us.
Dec 16Chris is speaking at a meeting on "Computational drug development for biologics" on "Enhancing Therapeutic Efficacy Through The Computationally-Driven Depletion Of T Cell Epitopes"
Dec 16Postdoctoral positions available in computationally-directed design of vaccines and protein therapeutics
Dec 16Welcome to Andrew O'Laughlin, who is joining the lab to conduct his PhD research
Nov 16The NIH will be further supporting our work in developing new ways to kill bad bugs, with an R01 grant "Co-opting endogenous pathogen autolysins as next generation antibiotics" (K. Griswold, PI)
Nov 16Congratulations to Yoonjoo and Deep, whose detailed description of our EpiSweep software suite is published in a Methods in Molecular Biology volume on computational protein design, as "EpiSweep: Computationally Driven Reengineering of Therapeutic Proteins to Reduce Immunogenicity While Maintaining Function"
Nov 16Congratulations and welcome to Elena Doty and Jade Montaya, who will be doing WISP internships with us this winter and spring
Oct 16"Diversity of Antiviral IgG Effector Activities Observed in HIV-Infected and Vaccinated Subjects" has been accepted to J. Immunol.
Oct 16Congratulations to Yoonjoo for being awarded a prestigious Korea Research Foundation fellowship to return and ramp up his scientific career there.
Sep 16Chris will be speaking at PEGS China 2017 on "Computationally-driven engineering of an anti-tumor antibody"
Sep 16Our not-as-often-as-we-should lab hike up nearby Mt. Cardigan:
Sep 16Congratulations and welcome to Ellen Smalley, who was awarded a Sophomore Science Scholarship to work on "Computational selection and remodeling of antigens to focus immune response"
Jul 16The NIH is continuing to support our deimmunization work, renewing our R01 "Functional Deimmunization of Therapeutic Proteins"
Jul 16Congratulations to Deep, whose paper "OCoM-SOCoM: Combinatorial Mutagenesis Library Design Optimally Combining Sequence and Structure Information" has been accepted for presentation at ACM-BCB
Jun 16The NIH is further supporting our development of anti-staph therapies with an R21 grant "Engineer bifunctional antibacterial enzymes for treatment of S. aureus infections" (K. Griswold, PI)
Jun 16Congratulations to Deep, who was selected to give an oral presentaiton at 3dsig, on his work "Designing small HIV-1 antigens by protein peeling and rewiring techniques"
Jun 16Our review article "Design and Engineering of Deimmunized Biotherapeutics" was accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Structural Biology
Jun 16Congratulations to Ryan, who will be graduating with "High Honors" due in part to his outstanding thesis research. He will next join the PhD program at Princeton.
May 16Congratulations to Yoonjoo, whose paper "Computationally-Driven Antibody Engineering Enables Simultaneous Humanization and Thermostabilization" was accepted for publication in PEDS
Apr 16We will be doing some fun computational modeling as part of the just-funded NIH P01 grant "Bridging Antibody Fc-mediated Antiviral Functions across Humans and Non-human Primates" (PI: G. Tomaras, Duke)
Apr 16Chris is speaking at the PEGS "Machine Learning Meets Antibodies" meeting
Apr 16Congratulations to Karen and Eric for contributions to a paper accepted in Nature Medicine: "Adjuvant dependent innate and adaptive immune signatures of risk of SIVmac251 acquisition"

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