RoboMix Demo

RoboMix is described in the paper "Robotic Hierarchical Mixing for the Production of Combinatorial Libraries of Proteins and Small Molecules", by L.V. Avramova, J. Desai, S. Weaver, A.M. Friedman, and C. Bailey-Kellogg. Default values on the form are for the dye-mixing plan described therein.

This web-based demonstration version provides limited capabilities: at most 6 reactants, each with the same number (at most 3) of variants, all at the same concentration, using a fixed stoichiometry with equal molar amounts of reactants mixing to produce the same molar amount of a single product. The full, unrestricted Python source code may be obtained for academic use by contacting Chris Bailey-Kellogg.

Tree structure
A "*" for a reactant; nested parentheses around sets of components to be mixed.
Number of variants for each reactant
Reactant concentrations (integer μM)
Product volumes (integer μl)
Residual well volume (integer μl)
Transfer loss (integer percent)
One per line, following the format in the paper and the figure above (e.g., acb--): a string of letters, one for each reactant, with a, b, etc. for the variants and - for a reactant not used in a combination. Max 5 lines in this demo.