CS 104, Winter 2010
Graduate Artificial Intelligence


This is a newly revised course. Material may be changed and re-organized with minimal notice. This page will be updated on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Lectures notes will be linked off this page.

Date Topic Reading assignments and links Assignments

Week 1

March 30 Introduction to AI R&N Chapter 1
April 1 Agents
R&N Chapter 2  

Week 2

April 4 Fundamentals of Probability  
April 6 Uncertainty and Bayesian Networks
April 8 Bayesian Networks

Weeks 3 

April 11    
April 13    
April 15 Inference in Bayesian Networks

Weeks 4 

April 18 Learning in Bayesian Networks    
April 20 Project Proposal Presentation   Project Proposal
April 22 Learning with Incomplete Data    

Week 5

April 25 Class cancelled
April 27 Class cancelled
April 29 Class cancelled  

Week 6

May 2 Hidden Markov Models
May 4 Hidden Markov Models
May 6 Hidden Markov Models  

Week 7

May 9 Thinking Machines Presenter: Andrew Cherne
May 11 Urban Challenge Presenter: Ryan Kingston, Adrian Kostrubiak
May 13 AI & Music Presenter: Alison Mattek  

Week 8

May 16 Modeling Driver's Speech under Stress Presenter: Alina Djamankulova  
May 18 Project Updates Andrew&Robin, Alina, Ryan&Adrian, Kan  
May 19 Project Updates Radhika&Rui, Arjun, Alison, Jyotish
May 20 Building Watson: An Overview of DeepQA Project Presenter: Radhika Bhasin and Rui Xie

Week 9

May 23

Reactive Reasoning & Planning

Real-time Human Pose Recognition in Parts

Presenter: Robin Chhetri

Presenter: Kan Wu

May 25 An Introduction to Conditional Random Fields Presenter: Arjun Krishna, Jyotishman Nag
May 27 Project Presentations

Week 10

June 1 Project Presentations