The Dartmouth Computer Science Research Symposium is an annual exhibition of the research being conducted in the field of Computer Science here at Dartmouth. It not only provides a means of communicating research interests and goals to fellow department members, but to the greater Dartmouth community as well. Students and faculty are given an opportunity to present their research either in the form of a presentation, in a comprehensive poster session, or in the form of working demonstrations. CSRS serves to strengthen the solidarity of our department, provide critical presentation experience, and widen perspectives of Computer Science among both students and faculty.

Every year the symposium features a keynote talk given by a distinguished member of the field from outside Dartmouth College. This year we will be honored to have Sandy Pentland, a pioneer in the field of social engineering and mobile systems as our keynote speaker for this event. More information on Sandy and his research can be found on his homepage here. The abstract for Sandy's talk in CSRS is here.


  • Note the change in venue! The symposium is now at Rockefeller Center, Room 003. To see how to get there, check out the FAQ page.
  • We now have working demos as part of CSRS! If you're working on something cool and can demonstrate a working model, mail us!
  • The program is up. If you haven't sent in your talk/poster title and abstract, please do so.
  • Check out the invite for the event!
  • We're still accepting entries for the poster session. For poster submission guidelines, click here.