David Kotz, Sasikanth Avancha, and Amit Baxi. A privacy framework for mobile health and home-care systems. In Workshop on Security and Privacy in Medical and Home-Care Systems (SPIMACS), pages 1-12, November 2009. ACM Press. DOI 10.1145/1655084.1655086.

Abstract: In this paper, we consider the challenge of preserving patient privacy in the context of mobile healthcare and home-care systems, that is, the use of mobile computing and communications technologies in the delivery of healthcare or the provision of at-home medical care and assisted living. This paper makes three primary contributions. First, we compare existing privacy frameworks, identifying key differences and shortcomings. Second, we identify a privacy framework for mobile healthcare and home-care systems. Third, we extract a set of privacy properties intended for use by those who design systems and applications for mobile healthcare and home-care systems, linking them back to the privacy principles. Finally, we list several important research questions that the community should address. We hope that the privacy framework in this paper can help to guide the researchers and developers in this community, and that the privacy properties provide a concrete foundation for privacy-sensitive systems and applications for mobile healthcare and home-care systems.

Keywords: mobile computing, sensors, healthcare, security, privacy, survey, ubicomp, mhealth


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