Shrirang Mare, David Kotz, and Anurag Kumar. Experimental Validation of Analytical Performance Models for IEEE 802.11 Networks. In Proceedings of the Workshop on WIreless Systems: Advanced Research and Development (WISARD), pages 1-8, January 2010. IEEE Computer Society Press. DOI 10.1109/COMSNETS.2010.5431957.

Abstract: We consider the simplest IEEE 802.11 WLAN networks for which analytical models are available and seek to provide an experimental validation of these models. Our experiments include the following cases: (i) two nodes with saturated queues, sending fixed-length UDP packets to each other, and (ii) a TCP-controlled transfer between two nodes. Our experiments are based entirely on Aruba AP-70 access points operating under Linux. We report our observations on certain non-standard behavior of the devices. In cases where the devices adhere to the standards, we find that the results from the analytical models estimate the experimental data with a mean error of 3-5%.

Keywords: wireless, network


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