EPICS  @  Dartmouth


The Dartmouth EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) program seeks to partner students and community agencies in significant projects requiring computer science and software engineering skills. We are following the model established by the successful EPICS program at Purdue University. At Dartmouth, EPICS was founded by Prof. Chris Bailey-Kellogg.

To date, Dartmouth EPICS has established the following partnerships (bold projects are underway):

We intend to form additional partnerships as student enrollments permit.

Interested agencies are encouraged learn more about EPICS and contact Sean Smith with ideas, questions, or suggestions.

Interested students are encouraged to learn more about EPICS and contact Sean Smith with questions.

A series of sessions at the 2006 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing engaged participants in computing and community. A design exercise featured the High Horses partnership, using a video interview with Executive Director Liz Claud to brainstorm about computing solutions to community problems. The video is on the High Horses partnership page.
Articles in the Vox of Dartmouth (news release) and The Dartmouth describe the fall 2005 term of the EPICS+Montshire project.