e  r  i  c     k  e  e

I am a research scientist and engineer at Facebook. Previously I was a postdoc with professor Shree Nayar in the CAVE lab at Columbia. Prior to that, my dissertation work was at Dartmouth with advisor Hany Farid.

My interests include: machine learning, computer vision, computational imaging, and computer graphics.

If you would like to contact me, you may do so at: erickee AT gmail dot com

p u b l i c a t i o n s    (illustrated list)

Uniform Distribution of Non-Separable Multidimensional Probability Distributions,  E. Kee
  NIPS, 2015 (in submission)
Exposing Photo Manipulation From User-Guided 3-D Lighting Analysis,  T. Carvalho, H. Farid, E. Kee
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Exposing Photo Manipulation from Shading and Shadows,  E. Kee, J. O'Brien, H. Farid
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Photo Forensics from Partial Constraints,  E. Kee   (advisor: H. Farid)
  Ph.D. Dissertation, Dartmouth College, 2013
Exposing Photo Manipulation with Inconsistent Shadows,  E. Kee, J. O'Brien, H. Farid
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A Perceptual Metric for Photo Retouching,  E. Kee, H. Farid
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Digital Image Authentication from JPEG Headers, E. Kee, M. K. Johnson, H. Farid
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Modeling and Removing Spatially-Varying Optical Blur, E. Kee, S. Paris, S. Chen, J. Wang
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Exposing Digital Forgeries from 3-D Lighting Environments, E. Kee, H. Farid
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Digital Image Authentication from Thumbnails, E. Kee, H. Farid
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Detecting Photographic Composites of Famous People, E. Kee, H. Farid
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A novel approach for semi-automated segmentation of MS lesions on FLAIR imaging: Reliability and clinical correlates, Wishart, H., Kee, E.R., Ford, J.C., MacDonald, J.W., Aney, S., LoVerde S.
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