Gurprit Singh


I am a post doctoral researcher working with Prof. Wojciech Jarosz in the Visual Computing Lab at Dartmouth College. I graduated from Université Lyon 1 in France where I was part of the LIRIS R3AM team with Prof. Victor Ostromoukhov as my PhD advisor.
My roots lie back in Jalandhar, India, where I did most of my schooling. After that, I moved to Delhi for my B.Tech (Dec 2010) in Computer Science and Engineering (IIT Delhi, India). I also attended Grenoble INP, located in Rhone-Alpes, France, to pursue a fast track Masters (MoSIG) program in Computer Graphics, Vision and Robotics.
My research interests revolves around signal filtering/reconstruction, and multi-dimensional sampling analysis for Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo based numerical integration methods with applications to global illumination.

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Curriculum Vitae

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CS294: Prior work on Digital Arts, Instructor (Fall 2016)
CS87/187: Rendering Algorithms, Guest Lecturer (Spring 2016, Instructor Prof. Wojciech Jarosz)
CS77/177: Computer Graphics, Guest Lecturer (Fall 2015, Instructor Prof. Emily Whiting)

Publications (# Peer reviewed)


Convergence Analysis for Anisotropic Monte Carlo Sampling Spectra #

SIGGRAPH 2017 / ACM Transactions on Graphics, 36 (4), July 2017
Gurprit Singh, Wojciech Jarosz

Variance and Convergence Analysis of Monte Carlo Line and Segment Samples #

conditionally accepted to Computer Graphics Forum, EGSR 2017
Gurprit Singh, Bailey Miller, Wojciech Jarosz
[website] (coming soon)


Monte Carlo Convergence Analysis for Anisotropic Sampling Power Spectra

Gurprit Singh, Wojciech Jarosz
[Technical Report]

Fourier Analysis of Numerical Integration in Monte Carlo Rendering: Theory and Practice #

ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Courses
Kartic Subr, Gurprit Singh, Wojciech Jarosz
[website][][source code]


Variance and Sampling Analysis for Monte Carlo Integration in the Spherical Domain #

Ph.D. Dissertation, Université Lyon 1, France, September 2015.
Gurprit Singh

Variance Analysis for Monte Carlo Integration #

SIGGRAPH 2015 / ACM Transactions on Graphics, 34 (4), 2015
*Adrien Pilleboue, *Gurprit Singh, David Coeurjolly, Michael Kazhdan, Victor Ostromoukhov
*joint first authors [website] [] [source code]

Variance Analysis for Monte Carlo Integration: A Representation-Theoretic Perspective

Michael Kazhdan, Gurprit Singh, Adrien Pilleboue, David Coeurjolly, Victor Ostromoukhov
[arXiv Report]


Fast Tile-Based Adaptive Sampling with User-Specified Fourier Spectra #

SIGGRAPH 2014 / ACM Transactions on Graphics, 33 (4), 2014
Florent Wachtel, Adrien Pilleboue, David Coeurjolly, Katherine Breeden, Gurprit Singh, Gaël Cathelin, Fernando de Goes, Mathieu Desbrun, Victor Ostromoukhov
[website] []