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Hello, World!

My name is Weifu Wang, and I am currently pursuing my PhD at Dartmouth College, Computer Science Department. I work in Dartmouth College Robotics lab. My research advisor is Devin Balkcom

I am interested in research on locomotion, the mechanism and novel algorithms. I have worked on exact time-optimal trajectories, developed algorithm to find such trajectories efficiently. I am also working on sampling based motion planning. Our current goal is to develop a good sparse roadmap for non-symmetric systems.

I am also interested in manipulation. I plan to work on flexible object manipulation, starting from strings.

Recently I have been working on automated knot tying using fixtures. Here are some videos of our recent result.

Other than research, I am fascinated about Chinese culture, both arts and history. I practice Chinese calligraphy and a traditional Chinese instrument called Erhu for over a decade. I am also interested in classical music. I am currently learning to play piano.