2007 ARO/FSTC Workshop on Insider Attack
and Cyber Security

June 11 and 12, 2007
Arlington, VA

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Insider attack---using legitimate authority for illegitimate purposes---continues to threaten many aspects of our nation's cyber infrastructure. Many aspects of this infrastructure contribute to this problem: its permeation into all aspects of enterprise operations enables attacks in other domains; its complexity makes it hard to design, configure, and manage effective security countermeasures; broad connectivity and inter-relationships make it impossible to rely on perimeter defenses anymore---everyone is an insider. We are challenged with a very significant set of problems with little well-developed science and metrics for effectiveness of proposed solutions.

Bringing together participants from industry, government, and academia, this workshop will illuminate the insider threat faced in real-world application domains, explore how existing bodies of research may address these problems, and identify what new research is needed. We have sought out speakers who can represent the sobering view of the true extent and scope of the problem and advise on various metrics that may be used to measure success of any solutions. The workshop will also highlight participation by researchers working on technologies that can help solve the problem---not only via detection, but also via prevention and mitigation.

Besides the exchange of ideas at the meeting itself, the organizers hope that the workshop will make a more lasting contribution. Consequently, post-proceedings which lays out what we discover: the scope of the problem, the metrics, and potential solution paths. To that end, we have strongly encouraged presenters and attendees to submit position papers related to the workshop goals prior to the workshop date. Presentations that are deemed particularly relevant and topical will be invited as full papers for the proceedings. Non-academic invitees can, if they wish, be paired with an academic or student in preparing a paper for the proceedings.

We ask that invitees who have not yet prepared an abstract or short biography please do so at their earliest convenience.

Experts in industry, government, and academia who are interested in attending the workshop but who have not received an invitation should submit a biography and short abstract to the organizers at insider-threats@cs.columbia.edu. We unfortunately cannot guarantee an invitation to all interested parties.


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