Lorenzo Torresani

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Visual Learning Group
Dartmouth College

6211 Sudikoff Lab, Hanover, NH 03755
Fax: (603) 646.


recent news

  1. Bullet Area chair for CVPR 2017.

  1. Bullet We released our new dataset for video comprehension, named ViCom. It includes
       over 600 hours of video. Give it a try!

  1. Bullet In Winter 2017 I will be teaching COSC 78/178, a new course on Deep Learning.

  1. Bullet Together with collaborators at Facebook and Google I co-organized the
    1st Workshop on Large Scale Computer Vision Systems (LSCVS), as part of NIPS 2016.

  1. Bullet 5 new papers on arXiv:

  1. -   ViCom: Benchmark and Methods for Video Comprehension,
        with Du Tran, Maksim Bolonkin, and Manohar Paluri.

  2. -   Colorization for Image Compression,
        with Haris Baig.

  3. -   Local Perturb-and-MAP for Structured Prediction,
        with Gedas Bertasius, Qiang Liu and Jianbo Shi.

  4. -   Convolutional Random Walk Networks for Semantic Image Segmentation,
        with Gedas Bertasius, Stella Yu and Jianbo Shi.

  5. -   Recurrent Mixture Density Network for Spatiotemporal Visual Attention,
        with Loris Bazzani and Hugo Larochelle.

  1. Bullet New paper at ECCV 2016:

   Network of Experts for Large-Scale Image Categorization,
   with Karim Ahmed and Haris Baig.

  1. Bullet New paper at CVPR 2016:

   Semantic Segmentation with Boundary Neural Fields,
   with Gedas Bertasius and Jianbo Shi.

  1. Bullet New paper at the 3rd Workshop on Deep Learning in Computer Vision, 2016:

   Deep End2End Voxel2Voxel Prediction,
   with Du Tran, Lubomir Bourdev, Rob Fergus and Manohar Paluri.

  1. BulletNew article in IJCV:

   EXMOVES: Mid-level Features for Efficient Action Recognition and Video Analysis,
   with Du Tran.

  1. Bullet New paper at WACV 2016:
    Self-taught Object Localization with Deep Networks,
       with Loris Bazzani, Alessandro Bergamo and Drago Anguelov.

  1. Bullet New paper at WACV 2016:
    Coupled Depth Learning,
       with Haris Baig.

  1. Bullet In Winter 2016 I will be teaching a seminar on Visual Recognition.
       The prerequisite is CS 74/174 (Machine Learning) or CS 83/183 (Computer Vision).   

   Due to the class format I can grant permission to register only to a small number of
   students. Send me an email if you are interested in taking this class.

  1. Bullet New paper at ICCV 2015:
    High-for-Low and Low-for-High: Efficient Boundary Detection from Deep Object
       Features and its Applications to High-Level Vision
       with Gedas Bertasius and Jianbo Shi.

  1. Bullet New paper at ICCV 2015:
    Learning Spatiotemporal Features with 3D Convolutional Networks,
       with Du Tran, Lubomir Bourdev, Rob Fergus, and Manohar Paluri.

  1. Bullet Area chair for ICCV 2015.

  1. Bullet New article at CVPR 2015:
    DeepEdge: A Multi-Scale Bifurcated Deep Network for Top-Down Contour Detection,
       with Gedas Bertasius and Jianbo Shi.

  1. Bullet New article in IEEE TPAMI (June 2015):
    What Can Pictures Tell Us About Web Pages? Improving Document Search using
       with S. Rodriguez-Vaamonde, and A. Fitzgibbon.

  1. Bullet Area chair for CVPR 2015.

  1. Bullet Winner of a Google Faculty Research Award.

  1. Bullet Recipient of the Susan and Gib Myers 1964 Dartmouth Faculty Fellowship for the
       2014-2015 academic year.

  2. Bullet Thanks to Nvidia Corporation for supporting our research with a hardware donation.

research overview

My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning. My current work is primarily focused on learning representations for image and video recognition. You can read more about the research of my group here.

previous affiliations

Microsoft Research Cambridge, Machine Learning and Perception
New York University, Computer Science
Stanford University, Computer Science
University of Milan, Computer Science