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Historical Works for Lute and Related Instruments
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Additions, December 2014:  Phalèse 154619 & 15478; October 2014:  de Bellis MS, Fiorino/Francesco da Parigi, Kapsberger for chitarrone & guitar, Koenigsberg MS, Le Roy Airs de Cour, Pittoni, and Ravenscroft was added to Literature; August 2014, Bossinensis; January 2014, for lute:  Barbetta, Drusina, Hainhofer, Kärgel 1586, Schlick, and Vallet 21 Psalms; for cittern:  Arne, J.C. Bach, Canaletti, Geminiani, & Vreedman.  Hedgebut was added to the Continuo section, and Virdung was added to Literature.

Works in Tablature for Lute, Theorbo or Vihuela in Renaissance Tuning

Works in Tablature for Lute in Transitional Tunings

Works in Tablature for Lute in Baroque (d-minor) Tuning

Works for Lute and Related Instruments, not in Lute Tablature Notation

Works with Basso Continuo Parts Suitable for Lute, Chitarrone, Theorbo or Guitar

Works for Cittern, Renaissance or Baroque Guitar, Mandolino or Other Plucked Strings

Didactic Literature

Note:  Subscripts on dates denote the corresponding entries in Instrumental Music Printed Before 1600 – A Bibliography, by Howard Mayer Brown, Cambridge MA, Harvard University Press, 1965; reprint:  Lincoln NE,, Inc., 2000, q.v. for concordances.

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