LSA Lute Festival 2008 Concerts

Robert Barto

7:30 PM Monday, 23 June, Harkness Chapel

•  Music of German Composers  •

Suite in a minor Esaias Reusner (1636 – 1679)
    Allemande (video*)
    Courante (video)
Sonata in F Major (video) Adam Falckenhagen (1697 – 1754)
from Sonata 52 in c minor Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687 – 1750)
    Presto (video)
Sonata in G major Rudolf Straube (1717 – 1785)
    un poco Allegro (video)
    Siciliano (video)
    Minuetto (video)
from Sonata 45 in A major Sylvius Leopold Weiss
    Introduzzione (video)
    Sarabande:  Grave (video)
    Presto (video)
Passacaglia in D Esaias Reusner

13-course Baroque lute after Frei/Schelle
by Andrew Rutherford, New York, New York (2003)

*Video files of many selection from this concert are posted on Vimeo.

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