LSA Seminar 2008
Leisure Time Activities

Cathy, it’s only Monday!  Can you be so tired already?
In fact, the week was absolutely packed with activities,
non-stop from mid-afternoon Sunday until late Friday night.

Nevertheless some people did find time to go out for a drink in the evening.
Here the group included Leah Baranov, Bob Temkin and Steve Ramey, ....

... along with Ruben de Semprun and Theresa Kelley.

Seminar Director Phil Rukavina not only ran the whole show and held office hours,
but he helped print programs, performed in two concerts in a single day,
and was drafted to play bass lute in the “house band” for Ray Nurse’s
lecture series.  Incredibly, he was still caught playing around with a
six-course lute in the lobby of the dormitory one afternoon.

Although a few of the performers sent in their concert programs weeks in advance of the event,
most of them were submitted only a few days in advance.  Then there were those artists who were making
changes in the order right up to the day before the performance.  Thus there were some late night
hours put in preparing the printed handouts, including the program notes and texts for vocal works.

For the people who had the stamina to attend all of the classes,
lectures and concerts during the day, the only time left for
doing homework for the next day’s classes was after the
evening recital, which meant after eleven PM.


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