LSA Lute Festival 2008 Concerts

Catherine Liddell

1:00 PM Tuesday, 24 June, Harkness Chapel

•  A 17th Century French Gossip Column in Music  •
Music of Gallot and Mouton with readings from the letters of Madame de Sévigné and the Memoires of St. Simon

Pièces in F Jacques Gallot (fl. Late 17th c.)
    Allemande La Belle Voilée Duchesse de la Vaillière
    Le Tonnere Courante (thunder)
    La Comminge Sarabande (region in Pyrenees foothills)

            The “belle voilée” was Louise de la Blaume Le Blanc (1644-1710), lady-in-waiting to the King’s brother’s first wife, Henriette d’Angleterre, and the King’s first mistress.  She bore him 3 children before he lost interest in her.  He gave her the title of Duchesse de la Valliere and she retired to a convent, hence the reference to the veil.

Pièces in a minor Jacques Gallot
    Les Plaintes de Psichée, Allemande
    Courante la Meurtrière/Double (murderous intentions)
    Chaconne la Montespan

            “Montespan” refers to Athenaïs, Marquise de Montespan, the longest “reigning” Favorite of the King.

Pièces in c minor Charles Mouton (ca. 1626- after 1699)
    Tombeau de Madame, Pavane
    Le retour de Depit Courante (spite, quarrel)
    Double de Depit
    La belle Florantine Sarabande
    La Libertin[e] Canarie
    La belle Espagnolle Chaconne (MP3, 4.4 MB)

            “Madame” refers to Henriette d’Angleterre, Duchesse d’Orleans, the wife of Philippe d’Orleans, the King’s brother.

La Fontange, Pavane (MP3, 11.8 MB) Jacques Gallot

            “Fontange” refers to the last mistress of the King.  She lasted only 2 years before he tired of her and sent her off to a convent.

Pièces in C Jacques Gallot
    Tombeau de Mr. de Thurenne, Allemande
    L’homme a bonne fortune [Courante]
    La Coquette Gavotte
    La pie, Gigue (chatterbox)
    La Comete Chaconne

            Mr. de Thurenne was a distinguished Mareshal in the French army, killed in battle in 1675.  He was also a close friend of Madame de Sévigné.

            There really was a comet.

Eleven-course Baroque lute, copy of the Hans Frei instrument in the Warwick County Museum
by Michael Lowe, Oxford (1990)

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