LSA Seminar 2008

An unusually large number of luthiers attended this year’s Seminar.
The Festival does provide a wonderful opportunity for them to interact with potential customers
and to renew acquaintances with instruments they have built, as well as the owners.

Dan Larson was the official Lute Doctor for the event.
While in past years the Doetor's Office may have been set up in a classroom,
this time Dan set up shop in a dormitory room. That allowed for longer
hours and easier accessibility, since instruments did not have to be
lugged across campus to Haydn Hall for repairs.

Dan is seen here exterminating a buzz in a vihuela.
Five minutes in his hands gave the instrument a whole new personality.

Builders who may be somewhat less well known get a chance to fill out their waiting lists.
Here Chad Neil (right) discusses an instrument with a potential customer.

The Seminar also provides a great opportunity for makers to share information
with each other.  Here Travis Carey (left), who has been living in an isolated location in
northern Canada, swaps ideas with Malcolm Prior, from London.

Here is Travis again, this time with Hiro Watanabe, from Japan.

Exchanges took place over meals in the dining hall as well.
Ray Nurse, Travis and Malcolm are most prominently visible here.

Michigan luthier David Fitzpatrick (standing)
concentrates on the action during the Lute Tasting.

John Butterfield (right) is a relatively young maker, from Seattle.

John brought along a couple of instruments that were almost complete
and worked on them during the week.

No, this is not ivory.
The backs of these stunning instruments are American holly.

The cameraderie continued right up to the end of the event, at the Farewell Party.
Hiro is talking with Richard Fletcher, from Pennsylvania, who is vieing with Ray Nurse
for the record as the luthier to has attended the greatest number of LSA Seminars.

Andy Rutherford and Hiro.

Thanks to Steve Ramey, Bob Hieronimus and Kenneth Bé for some of the photos used here.

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