LSA Seminar 2008

The housing contract included breakfast and supper each day
in the student cafeteria in Leutner Hall.

The food may not have been of the quality one would expect in a good restaurant,
but it seemed at least slightly better than it was two years ago.

Lunch was “on our own.”  Many people chose to have a quick
sandwich or wrap at the conveniently located Cafe Arabica, where
the management had conveniently arranged for us to receive a small discount.

In fact, the patronage was so heavy that it would have been nice to have
a lute-check service.  “Mine’s the one all the way at the back!”

David Schoengold, Nelson Amos and Sterling Price
on the upper level of the terrace.

Cathy Liddell and friends on the lower level of the terrace.

Ed Martin and Dale Young.

Jineen Heiman, Cristina Gutierrez and Larry Brown.

A crowd of Baroque luters.

However, the Arabica did not get all of our patronage.
Here on another day the Baroque crowd was holding down
two tables on the patio at the student union.

Thanks to Kenneth Bé and Bob Hieronimus for photos used here.


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