LSA Lute Festival 2008 Concerts

Nigel North

7:30 PM Tuesday, 24 June, Harkness Chapel

•  Program  •

Music for King, Queen and Prince  
    Delight Pavan and Galliard John Johnson
    A Dump Philip van Wylder
    Pavana Bray William Byrd
    Galliard Byrd
    Fantasie Alfonso Ferrabosco
    Fantasie Gregory Huwet
    Pavan Robert Johnson
    Une Jeune Fillette Daniel Batchelar
    The Prince’s Almain, Masque and Coranto Robert Johnson
Music of John Dowland
    Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard
    Go from my Window
    Dowland’s 1st Galliard
    Mrs. Winter’s Jump
    Lady Russel’s Pavan
    Earl of Derby, his Galliard
    Dowland’s Tears
    Farewell In Nomine

9-course Renaissance lute by Paul Thompson, Bristol (1996)

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