Lute Festival 2008 Concerts

Participants’ Recital

7:00 PM Friday, 27 June, Harkness Chapel

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The Recital opened in spectacular fashion with Salome Sandoval doing Caccini’s
Amor, io parto, (MP3, 7.0 MB) self accompanied on her “Dutch head” lute.

Next came a group composed of members of the Lute Ensemble class
performing three short dances by Anthony Holborne, arranged by Doug Freundlich: 
Pavane (MP3, 1.5 MB), As it fell on a holy eve, and Muy linda.
Seems the management hoped that all the performers had tuned up
beforehand and did not dare to schedule the group later in the program.
Nobody wants to have eleven lutes trying to tune up on stage!

Sterling Price played a Presto in F (MP3, 2.0 MB)
by Sylvius Leopold Weiss.

Bob Hieronimus also played Weiss, an
Allemande in F from the first Dresden MS.

Bill Thatcher sang John Dowland’s Come Again, Sweet Love
Doth Now Invite
, accompanying himself on lute.

Back to the Baroque, Bob Temkin played an
Entrée (MP3, 2.3 MB) and Allegro by Daube.

Jason Priset, our office assistant, provided accompaniment
on theorbo for Carrie Henneman Shaw as she sang an
Aria (MP3, 1.3 MB) by Girolamo Frescobaldi.

They were then joined by two more members of the staff,
Dana Plank on violin and Seminar Director Phil Rukavina on lute,
in a ravishing version of Et è pur dunque (MP3, 12.1 MB)
by Claudio Monteverdi.

Dale Young performed two movements, Cantabile &
Gaiement, from a Sonata in Falkenhagen’s Second Book,
on his “Steinway of the lute world.”

Chris Wilke had prepared his own arrangement of Koyunbaba,
a piece written for classical guitar by Carlo Domeniconi.

Sarah Fuhs, soprano, and Dan Shoskes, archlute, did
Cessez mortels de soupirer (MP3, 3.1 MB), of Pierre Guedron.
A video of this performance is available on Vimeo.

The only appearance of the Renaissance guitar on the program –
Jocelyn Nelson played a Duo published by Simon Gorlier and three
 Galliards (MP3, 860 KB) from the collection of Guillaune Morlaye.

Teri Kowiak was accompanied by David Nelson on plectrum lute in
Non es meravelha s'eu chan by Bernhardt de Ventadorn (MP3, 3.55 MB),
sung in Occitan.

Their second selection was Reis Glorios by Guiraut de Borneil.

David Schoengold played two of his own arrangements
of traditional tunes on Renaissance lute.

The “Conference Room Quartet” did three more Doug Freundlich
arrangements, a Galliard published by Michael Praetorius, A lieta vita
by Giovanni Gastoldi and the anonymous L’amor donna, published
by Petrucci.  The members of the group are Leah Baranov,
Marie Carter, Edie Almeleh and Ruben de Semprun.

Larry D. Brown on lute and Cristina Gutierrez on Baroque guitar
performed Gaspar Sanz’ Canarios, aided by Salome on maracas.

Guy Smith did the florid intabulation of Mile regretz of Josquin
from Hans Neusidler’s Der ander Theil des Lautenbuchs.

Jim Stimson played Mignarda, the instrumental version of
John Dowland's ayre Shall I strive with words to move,
but transposed to d-minor, rather than in the usual key of e-minor.

Ekko Jennings and Travis Carey – the Eccho Fancy by John Marchant,
with five prearranged resynchronization points in case of failure. 

They did not need to use even one of them!  (MP3, 2.7 MB)

Kenneth Bé performed the D-major Passacaglia of
Esaias Reusner (MP3, 4.35 MB).  It was the second appearance
of that piece on a concert program during the week.

The final participant was Magnus Andersson doing two selections
by Charles Mouton from a MS in Prague:  a Prelude and Allemande
“La belle Contesse Marchale”
(MP3, 6.0 MB) on Baroque lute.

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