LSA Lute Festival 2008 Concerts

Good Pennyworths
Garald Farnham, baritone & lutes
Erika Lloyd, soprano
Alane Marco, soprano
Daniel Molkentin, tenor

3:30 PM Sunday, 22 June, Harkness Chapel

•  Love, Lust, Longing, Loss  •
Songs with Renaissance Lute

Kemp’s Jig anonymous
Fine Knacks for Ladies (MP3, 3.0 MB) John Dowland
Come Again Dowland
Humour Say, What Mak’st Thou Herea dialogue Dowland
It Was a Lover and His Lass Thomas Morley
If She Forsake Me Philip Rosseter
Fain Would I Wed Thomas Campion
Since First I Saw Your Face Thomas Ford
Now Hath Flora Rob'd Her Bowers Campion
Hark, Hark the Lark Robert Johnson
So Quick, So Hot, So Mad Campion
O Mistress Mine Morley
It Fell On a Summer's Day Campion
The Willow Song anonymous
If My Complaints Dowland
Bugle Britches (MP3, 5.7 MB) Child Ballad #299, Appalachian variation
Heigh Ho! For a Husband anonymous
When From My Love (MP3, 2.8 MB) John Bartlet
Dear, Do Not Your Fair Beauty Wrong R. Johnson
When to Her Lute Corrina Sings Campion
There is a Ladye Ford
Come Live With Me (MP3, 3.9 MB) William Corkine
Reading (MP3, 2.15 MB)
Tell Me Dearesta dialogue R. Johnson
Have You Seen But a White Lily Grow R. Johnson (attrib.)
Barb’ry Ellen (Barbara Allen) anonymous, Appalachian variation
Rest, Sweet Nymphs Francis Pilkington
Say, Love (MP3, 2.8 MB) Dowland
Toss the Pot anonymous

Ten-course Renaissance lute in E after Wendelio Venere (1626)
by Lawrence K. Brown, Asheville NC (1987)

Ten-course Renaissance lute in G after Marx Unverdorben, Harvard Collection of Musical Instruments
by Michael Schreiner of Toronto (1999)

Additional photographs on a separate page.

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