I am a 1st year PhD Student in the Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College. I’m currently working in the DartNets Lab under the supervision of Prof. Xia Zhou.

My research interests are mobile sensing, wireless networking, and visible light communication, and I am also broadly interested in machine learning and energy-efficient devices.

I earned my M.S. at Dartmouth College in 2014 and B.E. with honor from Australian National University in 2012.


*H-index = 2, Citation = 18 according to Google Scholar.

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  • Fang Wang, Tianxing Li, Yi Li, Dual deblurring leveraged by image matching, ICIP 2013 (Oral), [pdf]


Current Research Project

I am currently working on a visible light communication (VLC) project. At the current stage, I built a display-camera link VLC testbed and I am exploring any killer applications on this platform.

Previous Research Project

This is my master thesis project. As we know that many apps like Skype or Hangouts require network connection all the time. Compared with 3G/4G date usage, Wi-Fi is free and low battery cost. Besides, if people go aboard and do not have data roaming, Wi-Fi could be their unique choice to get access to the Internet. Keeping Wi-Fi connection when phone is in lock-mode is a challenging problem. Some smartphone like iPhone will turn Wi-Fi off when the phone is in lock-mode, it is inevitable introduce more cost due to 3G data usage. While, Android phone could keep Wi-Fi antenna scanning with a fixed scanning interval when phone is locked. But, in this case, main processor is on every time when Wi-Fi scans the surround APs. It will cost more battery power, and when user move, the connectivity of the phone is not good. My project is to about offloading Wi-Fi functions from smartphone’s OS down to the Wi-Fi chipset. Since Wi-Fi will not wake up the main processor every time it scan the surrounding APs, it will not only save more battery power, but also keep good Wi-Fi connection.


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