CS48 Implementation of Programming Languages

Course Guide

The course is centered on xcom, a simple compiler for a simple language on an ugly little computer (Intel x86). The task is to make a significant change to xcom.

At the same time highlights of the accumulated lore of compiler writing will be covered in lectures. The highlights cover such topics as lexing, parsing, type analysis, code generation, automatic parsers...

Grades are not the most important issue in this course. I expect everyone to do well. I expect everyone to help others do well.

Class grades will be based on contributions to the following list. I will reward quality over quantity, brevity over verbosity.

Examinations are always the work of an individual. The project may be worked on, and signed by, two or three students. Anyone can be asked for advice on projects, but only the project team may contribute to the results. Homework will be collected and noted, but not graded. Questions about the homework can be brought to the TA or instructor.

Created: March 27, 2001
Last modified: March 19, 2007