CS48 Implementation of Programming Languages

Course Software

Note: MATLAB is installed on the department machines. You can check out a copy of MATLAB for your laptop from the Baker Library.

  • The xcom compiler is in my home directory.

    You get a copy of it in your home directory on linux by:

    % cd ~
    % cp -r ~mckeeman/mxcom .
    Then you rename and move the directory you get to wherever is convenient for you to work. On linux
    % mv xcom yournewname
    The file README.html gives you the information you need to get going.

    The xcom compiler works under

    • MATLAB on Windows
    • MATLAB on Linux
    • MATLAB on OSX
    implemented on Intel x86 hardware.

    You must use a windows machine (say, a laptop or one in 003 lab) or a 32 bit linux machine (kancamagus, hooker in 001 lab,or tahoe) or a 32 bit mac. Linux machines are available by ssh -X.

    When you get the compiler directory in place, you must get it ready to work on the hardware you are using. Do the following:

    % cd yournewname/m
    % matlab&
    >> makeMex
    >> exit

    There is a version (included) that almost works on Intel A64 hardware.

    There are also linux versions in C and C++ (see me if you are interested).

  • The tiny compiler written in MATLAB is in my files (this is not xcom). You get a copy of it on linux by:

    % cd ~
    % cp -r ~mckeeman/src/m/mcompiler .

    There is a README file to help you use it.

  • The model C lexer is in my home directory. See ~mckeeman/src/c/clex. There is a README and a Makefile.

Created: March 27, 2001
Last modified: March 30, 2009