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About Me

I am a researcher in the Computer Science department of Dartmouth College. I did my Ph.D. in University of Vienna and my Master in Technical University of Vienna, Austria and Bachelor in IAUCTB, Iran.

My recent research focuses on creating data analytical tools to understand human behavior, by recording activities through mobile and wearable devices. In particular, we employ the sensing capabilities of small devices (e.g. wearables) to sense, record and analyze human behaviors. I am keen to perform all analysis on-device and not on the cloud, i.e. NoCloud. Therefore, we are creating low-power algorithms that are able to run on small devices. Recently, we are integrating these algorithms into a virtual assistant and "here" is a brief description about our project, Health Aware Personal Assistant, that is nominated as finalist by Vodafone Wireless Innovation Award 2017.

In addition to my academic life, I have worked for about six years, as a software developer and technical consultant in industry, such as Siemens (the largest engineering corporation in Europe) and UNIDO in U.N. I am Reza Rawassizadeh and not Reza Ravacizadeh :)


Journal, Magazine and Book Chapter

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Conference and Workshop

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Technical Report & Not Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Software Artifacts and Datasets