Dartmouth summer robotics camp
Computer Science department, Summer 2013

No summer camp this year (2013)

We will NOT be offering the summer camp in 2013. Apologies to those who were excited about this camp this year -- we plan to be back next year.

About the camp

The Dartmouth summer robotics camp is a unique program for middle- to high-school age students involving Dartmouth College students and the community. Enrollments are determined by lottery. If you have already participated in a camp in a previous year, we request and recommend that you do not apply for a camp this year! Much of the material covered overlaps from year to year, so repeating a camp is of limited value to a student.

No prior experience in robotics or programming is required. However, the camp does involve some technical work requiring patience and some comfort with typing and computers. Students will learn real programming skills in a widely-used programming language.

The camp is offered free of charge to local students, through the generous support of the Dartmouth Computer Science Department, the Neukom Institute for Computational Science, the Dartmouth Office of the Provost, and the Balkcom robotics lab.


e-mail is by far the best way to reach us: robotcamp@cs.dartmouth.edu