Dartmouth summer robotics camp

Application form

Applications are due April 31. This application form gives us the information we need to place students into a camp, but enrollments will be determined by lottery. Notification of enrollment will be e-mailed in early May. Information collected on this form is considered private, and will not be used in any way except for the purpose of the 2013 summer camp.

Due to very high demand for the camps, if you have already participated in a camp in a previous year, we recommend that you do not apply for a camp this year! Much of the material covered overlaps from year to year, so repeating a camp is of limited value to a student.

The last section of the form asks the student to fill out some information about their interest in the camp. Although this information is not used in the selection process, we do ask that students take some time to carefully think about and write answers -- we want students who are excited and interested! To guard against mis-clicks or other errors that would cause you to lose this valuable work, we recommend that you ask your child to write answers in some other program and save them before you fill out the form. Then copy-paste their answers into the boxes on the form.

Please read this checklist before you begin

Once you have read an agree to each of the following items, please check all boxes in the checklist.
I understand that this camp is intended for students in the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire and Vermont, and that no Dartmouth housing is available.
I understand that the camp applicants are selected by lottery, but that strong priority is given to students who have not previously participated in a camp.
My child has written an answer for the last section of this form, and I am ready to copy and paste it into the required boxes.
I am confident that we will be available for the session times marked as available below.
I have double-checked to make sure the parent e-mail entered below is correct, since it is the primary method for communicating about the camp.


Please select the dates and times your student would be available for a camp below. You may select multiple boxes.
Available Session
Middle school camp I (6th-8th grades). July 8-12, 9 am - 12 pm.
Middle school camp II (6th-8th grades). July 8-12, 1 pm - 4 pm.
Girls-only camp (6th-10th grades), July 15-19, 9 am - 12 pm.
High-school camp, July 15-19, 1 pm - 4 pm.

Notes about availability or camp preferences (optional)

Contact information

Parent full name:
Parent address:
Parent e-mail:
Parent preferred phone:

Student information

Student first name:
Student last name:
Student school:
Student grade level in September, 2012:
Names of siblings applying for the camp, if any:

Medical conditions, learning concerns, or other notes (optional)

Student experience

Student should complete this section. This section is not used to determine whether a student will be accepted into the camp, but will help us best tailor the camp to students. A few short paragraphs will be sufficient.

Describe what interests you most about this camp, and previous robotics or programming experience, if any.