``We learned to be happy. We danced 'round the hall. And learning to count was the key to it all.''

I am Shahrzad Haddadan; currently a PhD student at Dartmouth College. I am honored to work under supervision of Prof. Peter Winkler. I expect to graduate from Dartmouth in Spring 2016, and intend to pursue my research interests as a postdoctoral fellow.

My PhD research is in computational and algorithmitic problems that arise in combinatorics. For my Thesis, I am working on Markov chain mixing problems and some other combinatorial problems related to partially ordered sets and permutations.

In future, I want to work in areas such as: randomised algorithms, Markov chain monte carlo, combinatorial optimization, algorithmic graph theory, streaming algorithm etc.

Or an interdisciplinary research in the above areas.

Here is a list of some of my publications:

Mixing of permutations by biased transposition, Shahrzad Haddadan, Peter Winkler. (Preprint available upon request.)

Mixing Time of Partially Ordered Points in an Interval, Shahrzad Haddadan. (Under prepration.)

Some instances of homomesy among ideals of posets, Shahrzad Haddadan.

The expected jaggedness of order ideals, Melody Chan, Shahrzad Haddadan, Sam Hopkins, Luca Moci.

Here are the slides of some of the talks I gave :

On mixing time of fighting gladiators , In AMS Special Session on Probability and Applications, Joint Mathematics Meeting. January 2015. Slides.

Homomesy in product of two chains, Annual symposium of Computer Science Department, Dartmouth College. September 2012. Slides.


I taught Discrete Mathematics in Winter 2014.

Download my teaching statement from here.

Previous Experiences

I was born in Iran. Went to Sharif University and got my Bachelors and Masters of Computer Science there.

I worked in ``Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences'' in Tehran (2007-2008). In this institute I researched on Computer Vision and Learning algorithms. I implemented some of these algorithms in Matlab. Our lab cooperated with a car manufacturer; ParsKhodro. As a part of my work there, I co-authered a paper on ``Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods'' Published in DICTA 2008

Send me email at "myfirstname@cs.dartmouth.edu"

I get mail at: My name, 6211 Sudikoff Lab, Hanover NH, 03755.

My office is located in Sudikoff 253 and the phone number is: 603 646 0319

My hobbies are: Reading, Hiking, Biking, Jogging, Camping.

I am also interested in activities regarding: Human rights and Women rights.