Stefan Boesen

PhD Student, Dartmouth College

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Hello! I'm Stefan Boesen, a first-year PhD student at Dartmouth! My office is on the ground floor (basement) of Sudikoff, across from the PKI/Trust lab, in Room 061. When I'm not in class I plan to be in my office during regular hours, M-F. If you see me in my office, feel free to stop by, if nothing else than to leave me whiteboard drawings!

During my spare time, I enjoy lock picking, organizing my filesystem, optimizing my routines, configuring whatever text editor I am using at the time, and experimenting with new programming languages! Some current favorites are Emacs (with/without evil mode) and Ruby.

I idle on Freenode in #tesc, #gnu-e-ducks, as well as a few other channels, under the alias loocorez (Zero Cool, from the movie Hackers, backwards). Not super creative, I know!

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