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S. Chari, P. Kermani, S.W. Smith, L. Tassiulas.
``Security Issues in M-Commerce: A Usage-Based Taxonomy.''
E-Commerce Agents: Marketplace Solutions, Security Issues, and Supply and Demand.
Springer-Verlag LNCS 2033, pp. 264-283. April 2001.


M-commerce is a new area arising from the marriage of electronic commerce with emerging mobile and pervasive computing technology. The newness of this area---and the rapidness with which it is emerging---makes it difficult to analyze the technological problems that m-commerce introduces---and, in particular, the security and privacy issues. This situation is not good, since history has shown that security is very difficult to retrofit into deployed technology, and pervasive m-commerce promises (threatens?) to permeate and transform even more aspects of life than e-commerce and the Internet has. In this paper, we try to begin to rectify this situation: we offer a preliminary taxonomy that unites many proposed m-commerce usage scenarios into a single framework, and then use this framework to analyze security issues.



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