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A. Perrig, S.W. Smith, D. Song, J.D. Tygar.
``SAM: A Flexible and Secure Auction Architecture using Trusted Hardware.'' The Electronic Journal for E-Commerce Tools and Applications.
Vol 1, Issue 1. January 2002.

(A preliminary version appeared at ICEC01: First International Workshop on Internet Computing and Electronic Commerce. IEEE Computer Society. April 2001.)


Increasing numbers of economic transactions are conducted through on-line auctions. Nevertheless, most current auction implementations fail to address important security concerns. In particular, most auction systems force buyers and sellers to trust the auctioneer; alternative secure systems are inflexible and have a high computational and/or communication overhead.

To overcome these limitations, we propose a secure auction marketplace (SAM) architecture, based on the recently available tool of high-performance, programmable secure coprocessors.

Unlike previous schemes, this approach provides a general framework that can incorporate arbitrary auction schemes by using different evaluation programs, as well as provide complex security properties by using the secure coprocessor and our auction protocols.

Our approach features strong security guarantees for the buyers and sellers without trusting the auctioneer, precise definition of the information disclosed during and after the auction, and high flexibility to adapt to new types of auctions.



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