Hanover Aqueducts

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In the 1800s, the Hanover Aqueduct Association provided the town's water. They constructed a series of wells near Mink Brook, and used lead pipe (initially 1.5 inch diameter, then replaced with 2 inch) to conduct the water to town. (Fortunately, the high mineral content of the water quickly left a deposit on the inside of the pipes that protected the customers from lead poisoning!)

These wells still exist: stone structures of various sizes, many with heavy covers....

The trail goes into the woods from the parking lot of Luminiscent Systems, Inc, near the dead-end of Lafayette (not too far from the USPS Carrier Annex).

The trail from Centerra consists of

#1 turns into #2. Together, these are about 1 kilometer.

#3 then departs left at a large intersection. (Shortly afterward, there's a newer, well-defined trail on the left; that's not what you want to take. You want the faint old road.) From the intersection to the very large cistern/well is about 350m. Along the way are a series of lesser wells...

I've left some pink ribbon at the sketchier parts of #1, and at the #3 intersection.

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