Srivamshi Pittala

Telugu : శ్రీవంశీ పిట్టల, Devanagari : श्रीवंशी पिट्टला

252 Sudikoff Lab
Department of Computer Science
HB 6211, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH. 03755



I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. My current research with Prof. Chris Bailey-Kellogg, lies at the intersection of Machine Learning and Immunology. Particularly, I am interested in building data-driven computational models that aid in understanding how our bodies respond to pathogens (like flu, HIV etc.), which in turn can help in vaccine design and immunotherapy.

Before joining the PhD program, I was part of the Visual Learning Group at Dartmouth, where I earned my MS in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Lorenzo Torresani. Prior to starting my graduate studies in 2012, I had obtained my undergraduate degree in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior, India.




I am from Hyderabad, a capital city in the southern part of India famous its pearls and biryani. I spent 16 wonderful years there before traveling up north to Gwalior, for my undergrad. When I am not coding up scripts for research, I try to spend time not staring at flat screens. By...