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Lutes for Sale

Here are some lutes for sale. I am posting this as a service, and I can not make any recommendations, as I have never seen these instruments nor met the sellers. They are listed with the most recent contributions on the top. Please reply to the sellers directly, and not to me. If you buy or sell one of these lutes, please notify me so I can take it off the list! If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. If you want me to post your instrument please read this

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Some random thoughts on lute buying

Warning! the Nigerian Scam has hit the lute world!
Read this if you are selling a lute!

You will be contacted by fradulent would be buyers!
Don't sell anything to someone in Nigeria! Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping!

Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar.

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  • 14-course archlute by Lars Jonsson (2009) based on Magno Tieffenbrucker (Vienna C. 45).
    String length 670/1280 mm; 31 ribs of Rio rosewood, cherry with contrasting spacers; neck, fingerboard and extension veneered with ebony; triple rose. Exquisite instrument with additional ornamentation: Spade on the soundboard, Snakewood edging on the extension. Beautiful, powerful sound with rich upper partials, well balanced throughout the entire register; excellent projection and superb action, perfect for continuo and solo work. Currently strung in Nylgut. The instrument is in pristine condition; I am only selling because I need to make way (and funds) for a new instruments coming soon.
    Cost: US$6500, including Kingham case (a new instrument is way over $7000 plus case; Jonsson’s waitlist is currently about 3 years). Buyer pays shipping.
    Instrument can be seen in Montreal or in Southern California (it is currently in Montreal, but I travel regularly between both places, so I can bring the instrument along).
    Contact: chaconista [at] yahoo [dot] com.
  • picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 12 2014

  • 8-c Lute by Michael Schreiner, 1992 after Gerle
    String length- 59.5cm
    Versatile instrument, easily tuned to 415 or 440. Currently strung in Nylgut/Pyramid.
    Some wear on the finish (not bad for a 22 year old instrument) and no cracks; it's been an incredibly stable and buzz-free instrument in the 7 years I've owned it.
    Beatiful sweet tone, excellent projection. Bought for 5500, selling for 5000.
    Shipping not recommended, as the case is not sturdy enough for it.
    Available to be viewed/played in Manhattan, NY; Audio files available upon request.
    Contact Kevin Payne at
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 10 2014

  • Fourteen-course baroque lute by Daniel Hachez-Brown, 1977
    Vibrating string length = 69.8cm (bass rider = 74.3 cm)
    Extensive improvements (including action adjustment) made by Jason Petty
    This is a Baroque lute in d-minor with an ‘extra’ course (low G) for playing BWV 995, etc.
    Beautiful dark tone and excellent playability.
    Nine-rib figured maple bowl
    Pierced 'Leonardo knots' rose
    Parchment lace edge binding
    Figured exotic wood neck veneer
    Fitted, custom hard-shell case
    Asking price: $2200 USD or CAD
    For more info, contact Lucas Harris: lucasharris[remove this]
    April 08 2013
    October 10 2014

  • Renaissance lute, 6-course, 65cm padauk and spruce from the Jura. € 900
    No case, though you could order an RCH case yourself for about € 250, the buyer must come and pick it up, in the South of France.
    I’ve just finished building this lute. It has a nice tone and low action.
    Luth renaissant, 6 chœurs 65cm en padauk et épicéa du Jura. € 900 (pas d’étui, compter env. € 250 de plus pour étui RCH, à commander par vos soins)
    Je viens de terminer ce luth, jolie sonorité, bien réglé.
    Visible dans le sud de la France, Aix-en-Provence.
    Contacter : / tel. (0033) 486 78 51 50
    picture picture picture
    October 10 2014

  • I am selling a wonderfully sounding 4-course medieval cittern made by the prestigious luthier Francsico Luengo after the instrument depicted in the picture " Madonna of Humility" by Fra Angelico.
    The sides and neck are made from a single carved piece of wood and the back is made with slightly fluted ribs. The pegbox has an exquisitely carved dragon head. It has a full warm sound that sounds equally good with plectrum as well as with fingertips.
    Selling price: 1500 Euros + shipping.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    October 2 2014

  • 6c renaissance lute copy after G. Gerle, Innsbruck, c. 1550 (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum A35). Built in 2012 by Hendrik Hasenfuss.
    The Lute is like new! - 11 plumwood ribs with holly spacers and holly edgings on the endclasp like original. Neck and pegbox in Swiss pear wood with edgings of boxwood. Boxwood fingerboard with finger points. Soundboard half-edging of boxwood. Shaped pegs in plumwood.
    The lute is located in Bremen - Germany / The Hague - the Netherlands.
    contact details;
    picture picture picture
    October 2 2014

  • 59 cm 7-Course Heiber lute by Dan Larson.
    Italian spruce front, mother-of-pearl heart with ebony outline, ebony veneered neck and head plate, ebony fingerboard, maple head, ebony pegs, 13 ribs of plain sycamore with ebony spacers. This is a very beautiful instrument, made in 2013, recently purchased. Condition is as new. Strung with nylon strings.
    $5,000 USD. Price includes a form-fitting Kingham case.
    The instrument is located in Frederick MD. I’m willing to drive, say, 2 hours to either deliver the instrument or meet you half way; otherwise, shipping charges to be paid for by the buyer.
    If interested, contact David Rastall at, or call 301-378-2278.
    picture picture picture picture
    September 26 2014

  • 1974 David Rubio 13 Course Lute - $5,000
    This was made 7 years after Julian Bream made recordings with his David Rubio Lute in 1967.
    This Lute was made by Reid Galbraith for the Rubio workshop, it has the RG initials on the back, near the label, and is signed by David Rubio.
    It has its Original Case.
    There are no cracks.
    Fine grain Spruce soundboard and 9 stave Maple back
    Bone Nut 82 mm
    Scale 724 mm Ebony Fretboard
    13 course with 24 strings with Rosewood pegs-they stay in tune and do not slip.
    There are 9 gut tied frets and 3 inlaid wooden frets.
    Available at:
    Fine Fretted String Instruments Since 1987
    1645 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 1-B
    Campbell, California 95008-0631
    Tel. 408 879 9930
    Store Hours Monday-Saturday Hours 10:30-5:30 PST
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture September 23 2014

  • Barber & Harris, London 2002, 6 course Purple Heart Lute after Magno Dieffopruchar, Venice c.1550. 
    #11 of instruments inspired by the inventory of Raimond Fugger 1566.
    $5,700.00 U.S. Dollars. Shipping cost to be determined depending upon destination. 62.6 cm String
    Right hand String-band 81.5 mm
    Purple Heart Ribs, Purple Heart Neck and peg box veneer
    Action from 8th fret fingerboard to 1st string bottom is a perfect 2.8mm
    Action is remarkable throughout, a dream to play
    Resonant warm tone with booming bass and beautifully rounded treble tones
    Excellent peg action
    Strings in Gut & Savarez Alliance historical KF C & G basses, you man never need to change them. Nylgut top.
    Kingham case in dark blue with blue plush interior
    This instrument is magnificent. Selling only because the string-length is too long for me and the string-band is too wide, as my technique has become more sensitive to such considerations in recent years. Soon receiving a 6cr. proportioned for my hands, and cannot afford to keep both. There is a small hairline crack that you can see in the photo of the Lute’s bottom right “corner” of the instrument. It is closed now, and for most of the year, but opens a bit in winter. Keep this instrument well humidified as it is from England.
    Please Contact Matthew Weinman, Somerset N.J., U.S.A.
    Email: or feel free to text me at: 973-479-4497
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 17 2014

  • 6-course renaissance lute by Daniel Larson (2005) after Venere (1596)
    3500 USD (or best offer)
    includes MTM Kingham case.
    specifications :: 59cm string length, 13 ribs of shaded yew with ebony spacers, ebony veneered neck, ebony fingerboard, ebony front binding with decorative heart, ebony pegs (model 8), bone nut, rosette (model F), AAA engelmann spruce top. This instrument costs over $6000 new.
    This is a beautiful instrument in excellent condition that shows minor wear from playing.
    located in Sonoma County, (Northern) California. I will travel up to 4 hours to deliver the instrument for free…
    contact: Dominic []
    picture picture picture
    September 14 2014

  • 11-course baroque lute by Cezar Mateus (2006) after Tielke. 67.5 cm.
    A beautiful instrument with a nice ornamentation of the peg-box. Including Kingham case. 3800 EUR
    Located in northern germany.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 6 2014

  • 8 course lute in a’ by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris, mint condition.
    String length 538mm. Figured spruce soundboard; ebony veneered neck and pegbox, edged with bone; 11 rib back, striped olivewood and ebony; pernambuco pegs. Kingham case. Currently strung with nygut and KF basses. £4,000 (reasonable offers considered).
    Stourbridge, England. Photographs on request. The lute can seen being played at and
    August 28 2014

  • 4c Renaissance Guitar (approx 2003) by Martin Haycock in plush lined Kingham case.
    55cm, A440, strung with nylgut and in very good condition. This is a fine istrument as one would expect from Martin.
    £1850 gbp sterling
    photographs available,
    contact Tony Scheuregger tel 00 44 1603 454402 - UK
    August 27 2014

  • 6c Lute in F by Martin Haycock (2004) in plush lined Kingham case.
    69 cm, A440 strung in Nylgut with new frets This lute is as new and is another fine example of Martins work.
    £3800 gbp sterling
    photographs available,
    contact Tony Scheuregger tel 00 44 1603 454402 - UK
    August 27 2014

  • I'm selling this beautiful 13 course baroque lute, after Hoffmann, made by lutemaker Gianni Garofalo.
    Year: 2012
    Spruce top with original rosette after Hoffmann.
    Ribs of maple and pegs in flamed maple.
    Fingerboard: ebony
    Hard case included, "RCH".
    String length: 68,5.
    This instrument is very comfortable and extremely light to play. Powerfull sound with very beautiful basses.
    Price: € 2900,00.
    For more info about instrument, sound and pictures:
    picture picture picture
    August 27 2014

  • 6 course expectacular vihuela for sale! Built in 2012. Six course vihuela made by the violero Javier Martinez in 2012, based on the painting “Virgen con el niño”, by Andrés López and Antonio Vega, s. XVI. (Trinity Church of Segovia).
    It is a beautiful instrument with five inlaids on the top, and the top closes with 2 layers boxwood rose.
    Constructed and decorated with special care, the woods used are top quality and guaranteed old age:
    - Bottom: black Spanish walnut.
    - Sides, neck, and fingerboard made of strips of contrasting woods .
    - Spruce top with boxwood rosette, two sheets of wood.
    - Five inlays on the top.
    - Vibrating length of the strings: 59.
    It is built according to the historical techniques and features of the XV and XVI; the materials, decoration, interior design, reinforcement, using natural glues and varnishes made by the own luthier, two harmonic bars at the top, The materials, decoration, interior design, reinforcement, bars, thickness, etc are strictly historical approaches.
    A work of art that works great with both types of strings, gut and nuygut, the vihuela response is excellent, with a lovely sound; It is without a doubt, the best vihuela Javier Martinez has done so far. It sounds espectacular!!!
    In fact, I already had two Javier Martinez´s vihuelas, one waulted back and a flat bottom one, and didn´t think to buy any more, but when I tried this one I could not resist and I buy it. Located in Spain
    (Zaragoza) Contact
    for price and payment temrs.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    August 26 2014

  • For sale : 7-course lute by Jorge Sentieiro after Hieber
    String length: 59 cm; 11 ribs pearwood
    This is a new lute, built in 2014. You can try it in Basel, Switzerland
    Price 2000 €
    picture picture picture
    August 21 2014

  • 14c theorbo by lutemaker Mikhail Fedchenko (2008)
    I am selling a 14c theorbo as I do not have enough time to play it regularly:
    String lengths: 76/152cm, 17 ribs
    case included
    It is a nice instrument in excellent condition. Please contact me at for further details or questions.
    Lute is located in Germany (Cologne area).
    Price: 3250 EUR
    picture picture picture picture
    August 20 2014

  • 10c Baroque Lute from Jacob van der Geest Athelier (1978)
    10c baroque lute made on the atelier (and with his supervision) of the famous swiss luthier Jacob van der Geest in late 70's. The lute is in very good condition, has a nice warm and clear tone, perfect for playing Nicola Vallet and the French repertoire of the same period. I know this instrument has been already in Basel around 2000. It has 11 ribbons (ribs) and the diapason is 65,5 cm. It's now in Portugal (near Lisbon).
    Price: 2000€ (with hard case). Shipping it is the buyer's responsibility.
    Contact number and email: (+351) 967678409,
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 20 2014

  • 4 course new renaissance guitar for sale.
    53,5 cm string lengh. Curved top-enough room for right hand. Maker Gy. Lorinczi.
    Plum, yew and cherry back -sides. Beautiful loud sound. Boxwood pegs. Delivery with simple hard case.
    800 euros
    picture picture picture
    August 19 2014

  • René Lacôte copy early Romantic guitar made by Lawrence K Brown in 2005.
    Playing length 62cm. Curly maple back and sides, with ebony neck and pegbox. Excellent condition.
    $3000 USD with hard-shell case. Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs.
    If interested call David Rastall at 301-378-2278 or e-mail to
    picture picture picture
    August 18 2014

  • KINGHAM THEORBO CASES for sale: I have duplicate cases for two theorboes and, due to the restraints of a small Paris flat, I have decided to put two cases on sale:
    - 1 grey Kingham theorbo case, with the extra lightweight cloth that they don't offer anymore (it used to cost 40% extra; this is much lighter than the normal lightweight material they offer on their site). Made in 2006. Perfect condition. This was made for a 19c Schelle instrument, 88cm/165cm, and will fit even the biggest giraffes. 800 euros obo.
    - 1 blue theorbo Kingham case, with the normal lightweight cloth (20% supplement). Made in 2002. Perfect condition. Made for a Klaus Jacobsen "special", 81cm/160cm. 700 euros obo.
    Both cases are available for view in Paris.
    Contact Benjamin Narvey at
    picture picture picture picture
    August 17 2014

  • The Paris (Guadalupe) Vihuela by Raphael Wiesman
    The Paris (Guadalupe) Vihuela, dating to c.1500 Spain, is the oldest known extant Vihuela, the predecessor of the guitar from Renaissance Spain.
    I am searching for the right museum to become home to my reproduction. The original is in the Museé Jacquemart Andre in Paris, where in 1973 I examined it, took photographs and made full scale drawings of the instrument and then built a reproduction in London.
    I would be grateful if you could help me by taking a moment to view the web page showing my replica. I am looking for a museum (or collector) to purchase and exhibit my replica and all the display elements that accompany it. Full details and links are included on the web page. Here is the link:
    Also attached below is a photo taken shortly after its construction in 1974 in London. I would very much appreciate if you could direct this email to the most appropriate person to view the vihuela. I can be reached at 575 770 1228 or by email at Thank you.
    August 13 2014

  • Baroque guitar by Gerard Bertrand Sadoul made in 1997 for sale.
    The instrument is in good conditions, actually strings in nylgut at 440 Hz, but it suites well also at 415. Diapason 68 cm, very comfortable to play. It has now a single first string but it can have it double. Selling price €1800 plus shipping.
    The instrument is now in Rome, Italy and it comes with a hard case with Fedex or similar.
    Informations at
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 5 2014

  • 11c Baroque lute made by Cezar Mateus, Princeton, USA, after Laux Maler, Bologna
    Year: 2012
    Condition: like new
    Case: hard case, Pierre Rousseau, France
    Sound: sound file, played by Miguel Yisrael, is available on demand
    Price with case : 6000€
    picture picture picture picture picture
    July 25 2014

  • 11 course lute by Alexander Hopkins
    s/length 68cm, gut strings, maple, ebony, spruce, new frets, 130mm bridge spacing, body similar to Frei, aprox.3.5mm at 9th fret, Pegheds, wooden case,
    USD $2950 plus pack/ship/ins.
    Duluth, MN, USA.
    Tel (818)984-8431
    picture picture picture picture
    July 22 2014

  • 6c Bass Renaissance Lute after Dieffopruchar. Made by Luciano Faria in 2007
    Strings length 76 cm, Deep resonant sound, Key of D or E
    Body of 35 ribs with beautiful hard case.
    You can ask more photos and sound or video clips at:
    Asking price €2400 plus shipping.
    The lute is in Florence, Italy.
    picture picture picture picture
    July 21 2014

  • Stephen Barber 7 c. After a lute labeled "in Padov 1595" (ex-Robert Spencer collection)
    9 ribs, in Hungarian ash; neck and pegbox in pear, apple or brown oak; boxwood or figured satinwood fingerboard edged with bone; heart-shaped pegs in either pernambuco, or alternating ebony/pernambuco.
    String length: 576mm
    Pitch: g'
    A smaller g' lute, suitable for players who experience discomfort playing a larger instrument.
    Original price £4600 ($8000 US). Asking $5000.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 10 2014

  • Stephen Barber Vihuela in a' (own design; based on Paris, Cité de la Musique No. E.0748)
    Six courses; vaulted, very deeply-fluted 7-ribbed back (of identical construction to the Chambure vihuela below, with double-curved, bent ribs, in figured walnut or figured mahogany, with matching sides; neck, pegbox and heel (of one-piece construction, along with the neck block) of cypress or cedrela odorata ('cigar-box cedar', a member of the mahogany family – originally discovered in the Carribean and Mexico); ebony fingerboard; brazilwood pegs; rosette available either cut-in like a lute, or using the Chambure design, in 2 thin layers of cypress with parchment trefoil decoration behind; (another design is available, taken from a photograph given to us by Robert Spencer, of the rosette from an early Spanish guitar; this has one layer of wood and one layer of parchment); narrow bridge with bone finial ends.
    String length: 540mm
    Pitch: a'
    Original price £4600 ($8000). Asking $5000.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 10 2014

  • Exquisite 8-course Renaissance lute by Andy Rutherford
    ▪ heart inset
    ▪ beautiful sound
    ▪ $5000 + shipping/insurance
    ▪ custom case
    Anne Mathews
    Salt Lake City, UT
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 2 2014

  • Renaissance 8 courses lute by Stephen Murphy - 1997
    After Venere, 60cm string length. Figured maple, Kingham case
    Can be heard on many videos on luthval's YT channel.
    Price 3800 € (5200 $)
    Lute is in France. (near Poitiers)
    Contact : Valéry Sauvage :
    picture picture picture picture picture
    June 27 2014

  • An 1829 Louis Panormo guitar, fully restored in my workshop last year and now offered for sale.
    The string length is 633mm and it plays easily with a wonderful tone one would expect from a Panormo. Price £4000 including a hard case. Details and photos of the guitar and the restoration are on the website: or phone 01666-822945.
    June 25 2014

  • A 10 course renaissance lute by Arthur Robb, made in 2005.
    Body is English cherry and the string length is 600mm. Price £2500, including a new Kingham Made to Measure case. Details and photos are on the website: or phone 01666-822945.
    June 25 2014

  • Swan neck baroque lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz
    string length 69/95 nice action warm tone works well with all sorts of stringing, good for works by Weiss and Bach as well as for French repertoire. The Body is nice to hold not too deep.
    Pictures can be seen here (9 photos)
    For More information please contact Anna Kowalska :
    June21 2014

  • 4-course Renaissance guitar (2014) by Gabriel Aguilera
    String length: 54 cm
    Spruce soundboard
    Back and Sides: sherrywood
    Condition: New
    Comes with special case
    Price: €.1550 (euro)
    Tel: +31 6 43477488
    picture picture
    June 18 2014

  • Lute for Sale - 55.5cm
    Perfect scoop of the soundboard & great sparkle of sound and appropriate response. Generally unusual for smaller lutes - this one has dynamic headroom and can be pushed - but still sounds wonderful at any volume.
    Form fitted Harptone case included
    More photos available:
    Portland, ME
    picture picture picture
    June 16 2014

  • **8 Course Renaissance Lute**
    - 8 course Renaissance Lute (G 440) after Hieber, string length 59cm, made by Marcos Kaiser (2010). Price: 2.000 Euros (custom case included)
    More pictures, audio, videos and further details available by e-mail.
    Contact: Diogo Rodrigues
    Mobile: +41 078 925 8981
    originally listed January 31 2014
    June 6 2014

  • 11 course lute by D. Larson, 68 cm str. length, 130 mm bridge spacing, 3mm @ 9th fret, new frets, nylgut str, spruce top, yew ribs, ebony v/neck & pegbox, lightweight.
    Some minor scratches undetected by camera.
    Used on Ed Martin's "Allemand" CD.
    In Minnesota, USA.
    phone # (818)984-8431
    Ships to US lower 48. states only
    $USD 2950 + ship & ins
    picture picture picture picture
    June 2 2014

  • Second hand kingham theorbo case for sale
    Used 4 months, small scratch in the bottom.
    Neck width (thinnest): 15cm
    Sound board width (widest): 44cm
    Weight: c.5kg
    Price: 670 pounds (negotiable)
    Location: The Hague, Netherlands
    picture picture picture
    May 29 2014

  • 8 Course Renaissance Lute after Frei by Michael Schreiner, 2001
    Up for sale is an exquisite 8 Course Renaissance Lute (Frei Model) built by Michael Schreiner in 2001, number 576. This lute is a spectacular instrument and in mint condition. It features curly maple ribs and a beautiful spruce top. It comes with a Kingham case and an extra set of Pyramid Lute Strings. I had the strap peg installed in 2011 by Richard Brune.
    $4,900 USD plus shipping and insurance.
    The lute is located in Milwaukee, WI
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    May 29 2014

    Zli> 2006 Lacôte copy by Joseph Mayes.
    Purple heart back and sides, spruce soundboard. Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. European pear bridge. Fancy gold collared ebony friction pegs. Plays easily, sounds great!
    Hard shell case included – shipping not included. $3200. (or will consider a trade for a Bentley)
    856 858 8902 or
    picture picture picture
    May 20 2014

  • 6 course vihuela de mano in g, built by Alexander Batov in 2011, based on Henestrosa's engraving.
    Flat back in cypress, kingwood sides. String length 59 cm.
    An extraordinary instrument: perfectly balanced with a clear and powerful sound. Has been repaired and can be seen at maker's workshop.
    With made to measure case.
    Price: 3300 GBP
    For more info, contact Ariel Abramovich
    0034 625446787
    May 20 2014

  • 6 Course Lute made by Anna Radice (2013).
    String length: 61 cm.
    Excellent sound quality.
    Good condition.
    With hardshell case.
    2000 Euros+shipping.
    The instrument is located in Barcelona (Spain).
    May 10 2014

  • 8-course renaissance lute by Barber&Harris made in 1991.
    In ok condition. I sell this to finance my new lute. Located in Kiel, Germany from 14.5.
    Asking: 1500€ with a hardcase made by Martin de Witte.
    Antti Linkola
    May 9 2014

  • 6 Course Lute made by Ivo Magherini in 2002.
    String length: 60 cm
    Excellent sound quality.
    With hardshell case.
    3200 Euros.
    The instrument is located in Paris.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    May 4 2014

  • 14 Course Theorbo (2012) by Francisco Herváz
    String length: 73/130cm
    Comfortable and very easy to play
    Good condition
    Beautiful sound
    Comes with custom, semi-rigid case
    Price: 4400€
    The instrument is currently in Basel, Switzerland
    For More information:
    +41 793670936 ( (swiss number)
    +351 916592319
    picture picture
    April 26 2014

  • 8 course lute by Dake Traphagen, 1985.
    Spruce top, yew ribs. 59 cm string length. New frets and strings. Condition is like new, and sounds great. $3,200. Free shipping within the U.S. Photos at:
    Contact James Edwards at:
    (541) 840-0832
    April 14 2014

  • 7 Course Bandora by Peter Forrester (2008)
    The perfect instrument for Morley Consort Lessons, but also the many solos by Holborne and other Elizabethan composers. It is in absolute perfect condition only ever used for recordings. It has a wonderfully full and strong sound and an elegantly carved and painted (!) head and fine parchment and wood rose.
    String Length: 73/78CM
    Price: 4900€ incl. Fitted Kingham Case
    More info & Photos at
    The Instrument is located in Germany.
    April 12 2014

  • I'm selling a Baroque Guitar based on Antonio Stradivari guitars, made by Luciano Lovadina in Treviso (Italy) in 1987.
    Strings length is 67 cm..
    Spruce top, rosewood pegs and fingerboard, flamed maple back and neck.
    Unfortunately the wooden rosette is missing.
    The guitar is used but in excellent condition, fully functional and perfectly in tune.
    It comes with a semi-hard case (see photo), very light and built to measure. Great for flight travels.
    The instrument is in Lecce (south-east Italy) and occasionally in Rome.
    Price asked is 1700 euros.
    contact: Luca Tarantino +39.348.4857659
    picture picture picture picture
    April 7 2014

  • I'm selling an Archlute based on Christoph Koch instruments, made by Carlo A. Cecconi in Tarquinia (Italy) in the year 2000.
    Diapasons are 61 cm - 131.5 cm.
    Spruce belly, rosewood pegs and fingerboard (with ebony inserts), maple for the inlays and the decoration on the back of the instrument, 17 ribs of “pau violeta” rosewood, like the original in Paris Museum of Musical Instruments. The archlute is as new, fully functional and perfectly in tune, and it has a wonderful sound with bright trebles and deep and clear bass courses. It comes with a semi-hard case (see photo), very light and built to measure. Great for flight travels.
    The instrument is in Lecce (south-east Italy) and occasionally in Rome.
    Price asked is 4000 euros.
    contact: Luca Tarantino +39.348.4857659
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    April 7 2014

  • Five course Baroque guitar by Lyn Elder, made in San Rafael, CA 1984.
    Spruce top, Brazilian back and sides. Excellent condition. 70 cm string length. New frets and strings. Fitted hardshell case. Great for continuo, but the sound is very good for solos as well. $2,200 USD, free shipping to the United States and Canada.
    (541) 840-0832
    picture picture picture picture
    April 1 2014

  • 9 course tenor lute for sale, based on the 1582 Venere. Built by Martin Shepherd in 2003
    Shaded yew back, ebony-veneered neck and pegbox. String length 668m.
    Powerful and clear sound, perfect action. Excellent for both, solo and. lute songs. Excellent condition.
    Comes with a Kingham case.
    Price: 4000 GBP
    The instrument can be seen and tried in Spain.
    For more info, contact Ariel Abramovich
    0034 625446787
    picture picture picture picture
    March 31 2014

  • Renaissance guitar
    Based on the body shape of Belchior Dias from 1581. Four courses tuned in modern a' with a string length of 53cm. Made of gorgeous figured alder in 2011 by Lauri Niskanen. The guitar has been regularly played yet is in good condition. This guitar has proved very easy to play, as a solo instrument and for strummed accompaniment likewise, with a comfortable string heigth of 3mm at the 10th fret.
    Comes with case, asking 1900 € + shipping.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    March 17 2014

  • 11-course Baroque lute by Clive Titmuss (2000). 69.5cm string length.
    Based on the small Frei lute, 11 golden yew ribs with spacers, spruce top, guilded rose, parchment lace edging. Bottom 8 courses strung entirely in gut. The lute is in excellent condition with very low action for easy playability. This instrument has a brooding, authentic tonal quality and resonance that are ideal for French Baroque and transitional tunings. Includes a very robust Harptone case.
    Instrument is located near Toronto.
    $2900 USD, plus shipping & insurance.
    picture picture picture picture
    March 13 2014

  • 8-course Renaissance lute by Richard Fletcher (1993). 59cm string length.
    Based on the Hieber lute, 13 birdseye maple ribs with spacers, European spruce top, ebony fingerboard, and decorative inlay on neck. This lute is in excellent condition and was recently inspected by Mr. Fletcher (2013). The lute has a rich and complex sound and is extremely responsive and stable. Comes with hardshell case.
    Instrument is located near Toronto.
    $3900 USD, plus shipping.
    picture picture picture picture
    March 13 2014

  • Cittern - 6 course (from a XVII cent. model)
    Carlo Cecconi. Rome, 2002. Mensur: 38 cm.
    Perfect conditions. Case. Good bargain. Price: 1700 Eur
    Fabio Refrigeri, Rome, Italy - tel. : ++ 39 320 0489814 -
    picture picture picture
    March 4 2014

  • Theorbo after Tecchler by Szabolcs Bárdi 2012, 8X73cm 6x122cm
    € 3000
    Hard case included.
    Theorbo can be seen and tried in Budapest (Hungary).
    picture picture picture picture
    February 3 2014

  • 13 courses baroque lute by Bernd Holzgruber 1982 for sale, 72/104,5 cm (Swan neck), 2800 eur.
    Currently located in Konstanz, Germany.
    Information and pictures:
    February 24 2014

  • Vihuela da mano in g’ by Martin de Witte 2004.
    Stringlength 56cm. Strong with gut ( Gamut).
    Back and sides yew.
    Comes with characteristic case.
    price; € 2500,00
    For more information;
    picture picture picture picture
    January 31 2014

  • 2013 Barber/Harris 7c renaissance lute, their "in Padov 1595" model; 571mm scale length, G tuning.
    In like-new condition. Strung in gut and nylgut. Includes Kingham case.
    £3600.00 plus shipping costs. Located in the USA. Contact
    picture picture picture picture
    January 25 2014

  • 13 course Baroque Lute after J. Chr. Hoffmann built by Jacek Lozak in 2005
    String lenth is 71,5 / 77,5
    Please contact for further information at
    Anton Birula
    January 25 2014

  • Swan Neck Baroque Lute by Jacek Lozak 69,5/95
    built after J. C. Hoffmann model
    Comes with a built to measure hard case by Victor Vorko.
    Please contact for further information at
    Anna Kowalska
    January 25 2014

  • An English Guittar of the type sold by Longman and Broderip, late 18th century,
    restored and playable, £1895. Full details of restoration and photos of the restored instrument at:
    January 6 2014

  • 5 course lute by the wonderful maker Cezar Mateus, 2010.
    Great sound, excellent to play both with plectrum and fingers Ideal for 15th century repertoire. Perfect condition. Kingham case included. Shipping and insurance on the buyer. More pics, and sound-clips available upon request. Instrument can be seen and tried in Basel.
    Contact: luteforsale(at)
    picture picture picture picture
    January 5 2014

  • staufer viennse style early romantic late 19th century guitar
    brazilian rosewood, spruce top, ebony fingerboard, mop trim, rope binding on back, clockwork action adjustment on back of neck. parts all original. several repaired back and top cracks. call for details. $2500.00 or best offer or trade.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    January 3 2014

  • early romantic french 19th century guitar.
    maple back and sides. ebony fingerboard. mother of pearl marqquetry. nance tuners. no cracks. low action.
    strong tone. $3300.00
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    January 3 2014

  • Vihuela da mano in g’ by martin de Witte in 2011.
    Stringlenght 59cm.
    Back; yew, neck and sides; walnut.
    Price; € 2650,00
    For more information,
    December 19 2013

  • 13c Swan neck baroque lute made by Lauri Niskanen
    This unique 13 course swan neck baroque lute was made in 2011. It is built in the style of Martin Hoffmann. The elaborate inlay is based on various 17th century wallpapers, and the rest of the extension is veneered in ebony. String lengths 69,5 cm and 98 cm, distance from highest to lowest string at the bridge 146 mm. Currently strung in New Nylgut. There are some cracks on the soundboard, but the instrument is otherwise in good condition, and very playable, with a beautiful round tone. Keeps its tuning well! I am selling because I have another baroque lute more fitting to my level of playing and dedication. 5500 € with plywood case included. The instrument is located in Tampere, Finland, where it can be tried.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    December 19 2013

  • Baroque Lute for sale. 13c swan neck from Lars Jönsson (Dalarö 1986) after Martin Hoffman 71/111 cm. 9 beautifull rosewood ribs. 3500 €.
    With Kingham case. Seeable in Brussels or Paris
    Pictures on demand:
    November 29 2013

  • Archlute after Matteo Sellas, 2012. Diapason 58/85.
    14 courses, single or double courses.
    Maker: Giovanni Garofalo
    Top: european spruce
    Back: ebony
    Soundboard: ebony
    Single rose after an original by Sellas.
    Pegs: mahogany (red flammed)
    A very wonderful and professional instrument in perfect new.
    It's has a great and excellent projection of sound with a very clear basses. Very good for solo performance or continuo with ensemble. It's also confortable to play and it's has a perfect intonation. The instrument is in Italy.
    Price: 3.500,00 € with hard case (RCH).
    For informations (sound and more picture or information):
    picture picture
    November 27 2013

  • Brand new 10-course lute by Stephen Gottlieb for sale.
    This instrument made after the a Rauwolf model is brand new and has never been used. String length: 64 cm. 15 ribs of highly figured sycamore. Ebony veneered neck and pegbox. Very elegant and precise craftsmanship combined with a beautiful warm and resonant sound. I offer it at the price of 5800€. This is 400€ less expensive than the official 2012price. The instrument can be seen and tried in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
    More information at:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 23 2013

  • Archlute by S.Barber for sale
    650/1400mm (6x2 / 8x1 or 1x1, 5x2, 1x1 / / 7x1) Pitch: f#' or g' (can be tuned to g' with a' = 440 Hz) Very attractive back of 25 ribs in rosewood, with holly spacers between; matching endclasp, with pretty snakewood insert (see images below); snakewood soundboard half-edging and fingerboard points; lower neck veneered with ebony, upper neck veneered with ebony front and rear, the front face with triple white/black/white edgings; ebony pegs with bone pips; triple rose.
    The instrument has recently been refurbished by myself and is offered in mint condition. It has a very powerful and projecting sound that makes it ideal for both solo as well as a continuo repertoire. I have played this archlute on many occasions with big sized baroque orchestras were it always was clearly heard. The reason for selling it is that I do not play continuo anymore and being myself a lute maker it does not make any sense for me to keep it any longer. It comes with a very light aluminum case custom made for the instrument by Pierre Rousseau ideal for traveling. Selling price 6600 Euros. A new instrument like this one by the same maker costs 7300 € (including case). The instrument can be seen and tried in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    More information at:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 23 2013

  • 4 Course Renaissance Diatonic Bass Cittern by Peter Forrester (2010)
    featuring a beautiful carved unicorn head and elaborate decoration. A wonderful instrument featuring a beautiful carved unicorn head and elaborate decoration it has a strong beautiful sound and is in perfect condition.
    A great ensemble instrument, but also suitable for Solos by Phalese, LeRoy, Scottish mss. etc.
    Tuning: a/a g/g c'/c'/c d'/d'/d
    Price 4000€ incl. Fitted Kingham Case
    More info & Photos at
    The Instrument is located in Germany.
    November 21 2013

  • 14 courses "swan-neck" baroque lute after Tieffenbrucker/Endlinger by Andreas Von Holst, Munich, September 2010
    11 ribs of rosewood,
    Diapasons 72cm/100cm
    5000€ including Kingham case
    A remarkably projecting and versatile instrument.
    Can be seen in The Hague/Amsterdam or Venice/Milan.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 16 2013

  • 13 Course Baroque Lute by Brian Cohen.
    Strings Length 71-97. Perfect condition and I sell it with case. Price €4000
    The instrument is located in Italy (Padova).
    You can listen somethings with this lute here:
    Luca Chiavinato
    November 13 2013

  • 13-course baroque lute by Fritz Ober, 1991
    String length: 72/76,5 cm
    fine and precisely worked with ivory inlays,
    completely new string set (nylgut),
    well cared instrument with a clear sound.
    Prize: 3000 € (incl. case)
    The instrument is located in Vienna, Austria!
    For more details and pictures please contact:
    picture picture picture
    November 9 2013

  • Swan-neck 13-course baroque lute after Tieffenbrucker by Stephen Murphy (2005)
    String length : 69 / 94 cm
    Top: spruce from Jura with ebony heart
    Body: bird's eye maple
    Neck/pegbox: spruce veneered with ebony (main neck) and black stain for the extension
    Body covered with a pine resin and linseed oil varnish
    Pegs: black stained pear wood
    A wonderful instrument currently strung in gut and wound octave basses, comes with a Kingham case.
    I am selling this great lute because I don't have time to play it... Price € 5000,- including case
    For more information please contact Ulrik Gaston Larsen:
    The instrument is currently in Lyon, France.
    More photos and info on request.
    picture picture picture
    November 5 2013

  • 11 course baroque lute (d minor tuning) - UNICUM - , built 1978 by Norman Read († 2008) in Stanton Bridge GB (original in Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg MI394)
    Copy after Joachim Tielke, 1696, ivory intarsia with turtle shell and gold leaf, masterly made, very fine instrument, pegs palisander, string length: 69 cm, fingerboard: 30 cm (9 frets), soundboard: 29,5 x 32. With case: 10.000 € negotiable
    Located in Berlin,
    contact: phone: ++49-30-34 50 90 38
    picture picture
    October 30 2013

  • 5 courses baroque guitar model Stradivari
    Diapason 64 cm.
    Lutemaker Knud Sindt,
    Hard case made from the lutemaker Carlo Cecconi.
    Price € 2.500,00
    Contact Francesco Tomasi, +39.339.6029563
    The instrument is in Rome
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 28 2013

  • 8-course renaissance lute after Venere (Padua 1592) by Peter Hornak 2008.
    58,4cm. Good, playable instrument, I'm just changing it for a lute with a larger string length. Comes with a hard case!
    Price: 1750 EUR
    Contact: w_krol[at] (Poland)
    picture picture
    September 25 2013

  • 8-course G-Lute (2010), 60cm string length, in perfect condition. Made by Stephen Murphy, from Venere.
    11 ribs, peg box, fingerboard veneered in ebony.. Case Kingham.
    5000euros. Based at Marseille (South of France).
    picture picture
    September 24 2013 still for sale
    October 10 2014

  • 8 course renaissance lute after Giovanni Hieber by Markus Dietrich, 2004, Germany
    Description: Soundboard: spruce; Resonance case: Wild Service Tree wood; Even though the instrument has been played a lot, it was very much taken care of and is therefore in very good conditions.
    String Length: 60cm
    Price (incl. Kingham case) 2.800,- Euro
    The instrument is located close to Berlin - contact:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 2 2013

  • 6 COURSE LUTE after Hans Frei, built by MARTIN HAYCOCK (Chichester, England 2010)
    A sophisticated 16th century Renaissance lute, ideal for all the repertoire from Spinacino to 6c Dowland. An excellent ensemble instrument. Brand new condition (no finger marks). Selling for financial reasons (another lute is on the way).
    String length: 67CM. Body: Hungarian Ash. Ideally this instrument is tuned in F, but it can also be tuned 1 half tone lower to E, or 1 half tone higher (if using a nylgut top course) to low pitched (A415) G. It is currently strung in gut and KF.
    Currently located in Basel. It will be in Amsterdam/Utrecht for the next two weeks, ready to be sold. Willing to travel.
    Price: 4500 EUR obo
    Contact me for video
    picture picture picture
    August 20 2013

  • Rubio Lute 1966, Bream type lute in excellent condition in original case.
    Amazing collectors piece, owned by Carlos Bonell for many years.
    £3000 ono.
    The instrument is in London, UK.
    August 19 2013

  • 11c baroque lute after Tielke, of Cesar Mateus, 2009,
    69cm messur, Brotherhood of maple back (tiger and bird's eyes maple) Bright and powerfull sound, instrument easy to play. Faithful to the construction of Cesar, Price : 4500€
    The instrument is in France.
    contact :
    August 6 2013

  • 6 course vaulted back ebony ribbed vihuela. Built in 2009
    Vaulted back with seven fluted ebony ribs, with 8 inlays on the top and head plate, constructed and decorated with special care by Javier Martínez.The woods used are top quality and guaranteed old age:
    - Bottom ribs, sides and neck, made of ebony with maple strips.
      - Fingerboard: ebony and contrasting woods (redwood and maple)
      - Spruce top with boxwood rosette, three sheets of wood, (according to the model of the Paris  Chambure Vihuela)
      - Boxwood pegs.
      - Eight Inlays on the top and head plate.
      - Vibrating length of the strings: 66.4 (allows tuning in E (currently), in F and in D)

    It is built according to the historical techniques of the XV and XVI, using natural glues and varnishes made by the own luthier, linen to reinforce the structure, two harmonic bars at the top, etc...  A work of art made to be strung with gut strings, as shown in the photos, although it is currently strung with Nylgut and wound in the bass. With both types of strings, gut and with nuygut, the vihuela response is excellent, with a lovely sound.
    Located in Spain (Zaragoza)
    Contact for price and payment terms.
    picture picture picture picture
    August 6 2013

  • I offer FOR EXCHANGE a 13 course bass rider type baroque lute after Hans Hoffmann, made by Nico van der Waals in 1985
    TO an 11 course baroque lute of the same quality (preferred makers are Gottlieb, Hasenfuss, Jacobsen, Murphy, Jönsson etc.).It is a superb instrument in good condition, the only reason for my wish to change it is that I exclusively play French Baroque music. I am not interested in selling my instrument and I insist on personally checking the instruments by the two parties. Therefore I prefer European offers. For more information and photos please contact Zoltán Kárpáti (Budapest, Hungary) at
    June 1 2013 still available
    October 10 2014

  • 6 course lute, stringlength 57,8
    by Martin de Witte Den Haag, Holland 2011 in perfect condition comes with hard made to measure case
    please contact for further information
    Anna Kowalska
    April 24 2013

  • Theorbo made by Wolfgang Emmerich after Tesler/Edlinger
    String Length 80 cm / 170 cm. European Spruce top and 65 shaded yew ribs. Modeled after an instrument in the Schloss Pilnitz in Dresden. Originally built as a Roman Theorbo by Giovanni Techler ( 1616 ) and later modified by Thomas Edlinger. Very good continuo instrument with a bright and clear sound. As per the Edlinger modification it can be double strung on courses 3 through 8. currently strung with Gamut diapasons and Savarez-Keurschner on the fretted strings and comes with Kingham case. Pictures available on request.
    The instrument is currently located in the Netherlands.
    Asking 5200 euro
    March 6 2013

  • Theorbo for sale after Matteo Sellas, Venice 1637, by Georg Lorinczi.
    Place: Budapest, Hungary;
    String length: 76/ 148 cm
    Body size: 34.5 x 55 x 14.6 cm, 31 rib.
    Characteristics: 3 roses, powerfull and warm sound beautiful song, great instrument.
    Includes hard case.
    Contact and more information:
    Ákos Handler dr.
    0036 20 456 08 03
    Price: 2500 &euros;
    I just sell it because I would like to have a baroque guitar.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    February 8 2013

  • 13 course Baroque Lute (70/76 cm) by Helmut Bohr (1983) after Johann Christian Hoffmann,
    beautiful rich sound, Aquila/Dlugolecki stringed. incl. Meinl - Case,
    3500 Euros, Based at Feldberg near Freiburg, Southern Germany,
    January 29 2013

  • Theorbo by Klaus Jacobsen, London 2003. The string length is 85cm/160cm. 31 ribs.
    Price: 5400 Euros.
    The instrument is in Basel, Switzerland.
    picture picture picture picture
    December 26 2012

  • 13 course lute. Nico van der Waals 1985.
    It is a very special instrument made by one of the most experienced European makers. This lute purchased and later almost never played by previous owner so it is in great condition. It has nice action, flawless soundboard made of really great piece of spruce. The instrument has a beautiful tone and obviously would work with any types of strings. We bought it of pure nostalgic feelings since most of great recordings in the 20 cent. were made on this type of a lute by Nico van der Waals. We are selling it for pure financial reason, and also we did not use it much since we stick to our basic instruments and to have an extra one is too much of a luxury Please feel free to ask more questions and maybe ask for more pictures. price 4900 EUR
    Warmest wishes, Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula
    +48 607727346
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    December 19 2012

  • 14 Course Archlute after Sellas by Dan Larson c. 1995 for Sale
    8x2--63.8cm. & 6x1--138.5cm. 35 maple ribs.
    I am the second owner of this beautiful, responsive instrument, and am selling to cover unexpected financial obligations. Comes with heavy Harptown case. Shipping weight is 30lbs (estimate around $100 for shipping and insurance in the lower 48). Will ship internationally at buyer's expense, and will also entertain offers for local pickup. I will accept check, money order, or PayPal. All reasonable offers will be considered. If you are interested, or for more detailed information, more photos and sound clips, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.
    $3500 obo + shipping/insurance
    Ph: 585-267-0003
    Rochester, NY USA
    picture picture picture picture picture
    November 9 2012

  • Spanish model Vihuela in "A", 56cm built by Dan Larson in May 2011 NEW!
    1. Ebony fingerboard with points
    2. Mahogany neck and head
    3. Ebony head plate
    4. Cherry wood three layer inset rose with chip-carved edging
    5. Pear back and ribs
    6. Italian Alpine spruce front
    7. Front ebony binding
    Price: $ 2,500 including shipping; does not include hard case.
    Contact Stefano at
    picture picture picture picture
    October 23 2012

  • 14 course italian chitarrone built by S.Nuñez in 2009.
    Based in M.Buechemberg. 87cm/166cm string length. Yew ribs and spruce soundboard. Top quality instrument excellent for early baroque italian repertoire.
    Price, including IKA flight case: 5.500€ Contact: Robert Cases +34673390567 Valencia, Spain.
    More pics or videos on demand
    picture picture picture picture
    October 15 2012

  • Archlute 14 c. 13 ribs (Mateo Sellas, Venezia 1639)
    Made by Francisco Hervás, Granada, Spain.
    String length: 600-1050 mm.
    Beautifully made instrument, easily playable, nice sound, in mint condition.
    Price: 4000 Euros, Rousseau aluminium case (very light yet strong) included.
    Contact: Monica Pustilnik
    September 24 2012

  • Renaissance 6-course lute for sale,
    Made by Dan Larson, spruce top, cherry back, string length = 61 cm. Excellent condition (current price for new one is $2,600). Price includes Kingham case. Prefer to make local sale.
    $1,500 USD, Washington DC.
    Please contact by email:
    picture picture picture picture
    September 16 2012

  • Small renaissance lute in A, 53.2cm, by John Gorett (1983),
    excellent sound and nice workmanship, 1600 Euros including case, France,
    Instrument located in France
    September 2 2012

  • just finished- 6c. vihuela with ebony sides.
    Ebony, Indonesian rosewood, 60 year old flamed maple back. Spanish cedar neck with cherry peghead, blackwood panel on front. Engelmann spruce top,snakewood and ebony fingerboard, cocobolo pegs. 58.3 mensur. Lovely tone with fine volume for the size. Includes a good Gator plywood case, which miraculously fits it.
    3750.00 USD, shipping in the US lower 48 included.
    Please contact me for overseas rates.
    Alan Arthur Suits
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    March 24 2012
    Oct 10 2014

  • A new 7-course Quality Lute by Chris Li
    Based on a drawing of a 6 course lute by Stephen Barber prepared for the Lute Society in 1982. With references to George Gerle and Magno dieffopruchar and typical of early to middle sixteenth century Lutes but with an additional seventh course and a slightly lengthened soundboard. Tuned to modern g. Bowl, Neck and Pegbox in Sycamore, Swiss pine (40 year aged) soundboard, Ebony fingerboard, Rosewood pegs, Pyramid strings and Natural Gut Frets. Additional features: Rosewood rib lines, Ebony protective soundboard strip/edging, fingerboard points and decorative hearts and diamonds. Note: Rose carving, Neck and Pegbox are based on Gerle designs.
    Price: 1,850 Sterling (Including soft hand made Gig Bag)
    Southampton, UK
    picture more pictures at

    January 31 2011 still for sale
    October 11 2014

  • Viola da mano, made by Alan Arthur Suits. I built this some time back in St Louis, a swamp, and moved to high desert Santa Fe. The top split from the local dryness in several places but I've shimmed all the cracks nicely and it has remained super-stable since. Beautful tone and playability. No case .$ 2500 FIRM includes packing/shipping in USA. please serious enquiries only.
    59 cm mensur
    91.5 cm total length
    27 cm lower bout
    depth 19.3 cm
    back and sides 35 yr old Missouri walnut with gorgeous figure at bottom.
    top Englemann spruce
    pegs African blackwood, pear bridge
    fingerboard Surinam snakewood, hard as rocks and absolutely beautiful wood
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 12 2010 still for sale
    Oct 10 2014

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