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Lutes for Sale

Here are some lutes for sale. I am posting this as a service, and I can not make any recommendations, as I have never seen these instruments nor met the sellers. They are listed with the most recent contributions on the top. Please reply to the sellers directly, and not to me. If you buy or sell one of these lutes, please notify me so I can take it off the list! If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. If you want me to post your instrument please read this

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Some random thoughts on lute buying

Warning! the Nigerian Scam has hit the lute world!
Read this if you are selling a lute!

You will be contacted by fradulent would be buyers!
Don't sell anything to someone in Nigeria! Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping!

Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar.

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  • 5- course Medieval lute by Harold Westover, New Hampshire, 1987.
    58cm string length. Unique rib structure that extends all the way to the pegbox. This lute is suitable for a beginner or someone interesting in exploring plectrum technique.
    1500chf plus shipping from Switzerland. No case, pickup available. Located in Basel.
    Please write to
    picture picture picture
    November 15 2014

  • 6c renaissance lute copy after G. Gerle, Innsbruck, c. 1550* (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum A35).
    Built in 2012 by Hendrik Hasenfuss. String length 59 cm. The Lute is in perfect condition; 11 plumwood ribs with holly spacers and holly edgings on the endclasp like original. Neck and pegbox in Swiss pear wood with edgings of boxwood. Boxwood fingerboard with finger points. Soundboard half-edging of boxwood. Shaped pegs in plumwood. The asking price is 3.300 Euros including kingham case.
    -Spacing at the nut ; 42.31 mm.
    -Spacing at the bridge ; 73,31 mm.
    The lute is located in Bremen - Germany / The Hague - the Netherlands.
    contact details;
    picture picture picture picture November 14 2014

  • 6 Course Renaissance Lute by Barber & Harris, London 2002
    Purple Heart Lute after Magno Dieffopruchar, Venice c.1550. #11 of instruments inspired by the inventory of Raimond Fugger 1566.
    $4,950.00 U.S. Dollars. Shipping cost to be determined
    Pictures of Lute:
    •   62.6 cm String Length
    •   Right hand String-band from Bass to Treble 81.5 mm
    •   Purple Heart Ribs, Purple Heart Neck and peg box veneer
    •   Action from 8th fret fingerboard to 1st string bottom is a perfect 2.8mm
    •   Action is remarkable throughout, a dream to play
    •   Resonant warm tone with booming bass and beautifully rounded treble tones
    •   Excellent peg action
    •   Strings in Gut & Savarez Alliance historical KF
    •   Kingham case in dark blue with blue plush interior
    •   Tiny hairline crack on lower right edge, closed with good humidity see pic in collection...mostly undetectable.
    Please Contact Matthew Weinman, Somerset N.J., U.S.A.
    Email: or feel free to text me at: 973-479-4497
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 10 2014

  • René Lacôte copy early Romantic guitar made by Lawrence K Brown in 2005.
    Playing length 62cm. Curly maple back and sides, with ebony neck and pegbox. Excellent condition.
    $3000 USD with hard-shell case. Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs.
    If interested call David Rastall at 301-378-2278 or e-mail to
    picture picture picture
    November 3 2014

  • Renaissance guitar. 4 courses with a string length of 50.3cm.
    It is strung with new Nylgut. This is a new, recently completed instrument by David E Fitzpatrick that features an Alpine spruce top, curly maple sides and back and a pear bridge. This guitar projects very well with a bright, yet resonant sound that will only get better with time.
    $1,500.00 USD includes a hard shell case.
    Located in Michigan.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    October 31 2014

    Lutes Wanted

    (be sure to read about lute scams as people are now pretending to sell instruments too!)

    Stolen Lutes

    How to post an ad

    Warning! the Nigerian Fraud has hit the lute world!

    Criminals from Nigeria are contacting people who advertise on this list, asking to buy a lute with a check for thousands of dollars over the price of the lute and have the seller wire the remaining money to Nigeria. Don't do it - the check will be forged and will bounce - this is a way to steal your money! They all seem to know about this "Lutes for Sale" list and they will contact you. See and see and see You may want to get yourself a temporary email address to use just for selling your lute, so that your regular email is not filled with messages from people running this scam.

    Here are some signs of fraud:

    What are the two happiest days in a lute owner's life?
    The day he buys his lute, and the day that he sells it!

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