CS 1

Short assignment: forms and software

Before we get to the fun stuff, you’ll need to fill out a few forms, read some things, and install some software:

  1. Complete and submit the background form.

  2. Read the complete course syllabus. (Click the “about” link at the top of this page.)

  3. (If you are not sure if you will be taking the class, please wait to do this step until you are.) To go our canvas page and complete and submit the section availability form. If you say you are available during a one-hour slot, I expect you to honor this commitment. Please take this expectation into account as you make other commitments on and off campus this term.

  4. Install PyCharm and the course software on your computer:

    The amount of disk space you will need to do this will vary according to your system.

    Pay careful attention to the instructions. Follow them exactly. Do not skip steps. From here on, we’ll assume that you have installed PyCharm and the course software correctly. If you have, then you will have already created a project in PyCharm and run a couple of programs.