CS 1


The schedule below lists the reading material, recommended start dates for assignments, due dates for assignments, and topics covered. Due dates for assignment also appear on Canvas. Please note that this is a tentative schedule and it change anytime without prior notice.

Week 1: Introduction
L1: March 27 Syllabus SA0 is out Introduction
L2: March 29 Chapter 1 SA1 is out SA0 is due today Functions, abstraction and style
L3: March 31 Chapter 2 Variables and Expression
Week 2: Loops, conditions, scope Recitations start this week!
L4: April 3 Chapter 3 SA1 is due today cs1lib: rolling eyes example
L5: April 5 Chapter 3 SA2 is out if conditions
L6: April 7 Chapter 3 Loops and scope of variables
April 9 (Sunday) SA3 is out SA2 is due today
Week 3: Problem solving, execution control, parameters
L7: April 10 Chapter 5 Examples: Loops and if conditions
X: April 11 TEST 1: In-class test during X-Hour
L8: April 12 Chapter 5 SA3 is due today Examples, Return values, functions as parameters
L9: April 14 Chapter 5 SA4 is out How to solve a problem (primes), different types of parameters
Week 4: Animation and lists
L10: April 17 Chapter 6 Animation; mouse and keyboard inputs
April 18 Lab1 is out SA4 due today
L11: April 19 Chapter 7 Lists and for loop (examples)
April 20 Lab1 checkpoint due today
L12: April 21 Chapter 7 List and for loop (examples)
Week 5: Nested loops; Classes and objects
L13: April 24 Chapter 9 Nested loops (examples)
X: April 25 TEST 2: In-class test during X-Hour
L14: April 26 Chapter 9 Lab1 due today Nested loop (examples)
L15: April 28 Chapter 11 SA5 is out Classes and objects
Week 6: Classes and objects, physical simulation
L16: May 1 Chapter 11 Classes and objects continued
L17: May 3 Chapter 11 SA6 is out SA5 is due Classes and objects continued
Exam: May 4 (Thursday) EXAM 1: 7-9 PM LSC 100
L18: May 5 Chapter 10 Lab2 is out SA6 is due Physical simulation
Week 7: Recursion
L19: May 8 Chapter 12 Lab2 checkpoint is due Recursion
L20: May 11 Chapter 12 Recusion continued
L21: May 12 Chapter 12 SA7 is out Lab2 is due Recursion continued
Week 8: Sorting and data structures
L22: May 15 Chapter 8 Lab3 is out SA7 is due Reading and writing files
X: May 16 TEST 3: In-class test during X-Hour
L23: May 17 Chapter 13 Lab3 checkpoint is due Sorting
L24: May 19 No Class
Week 9: Data structures
L25: May 22 Chapter 17 Lab 3 is due SA 8 is out Linked lists
L26: May 23 Chapter 18 Graphs
May 24 Chapter 16 SA 8 is due Lab 4 is out Stacks, queues and dictionaries
L27: May 26 Chapter 18 Breadth first search
May 27 (Saturday) Lab 4 checkpoint is due
Week 10: Analyzing algorithms
L28: May 30 (Tuesday X-Hour) Chapter 14 Analyzing algorithms
L29: May 31 Chapter 15 Lab 4 is due Analyzing sorting algorithms
June 4 (Sunday), 3-5 pm Final exam