Computer Science 50
Robotics Group Project

Note: we have raced robots and built nanocopters -- this years project is still up in the air. More soon.


OK, now you have some good hacking skills - now let's take them to the next level:

The project will pull on all the skills you have developed so far but will provide a set of new skills needed to do cross development and embedded systems programming and debugging. This completes the hackers toolkit that you can be proud of. We will do distributed programming using sockets, mutable threads for embedded Linux.

This year (2014) we are programming nancopters and controlling them with hand gestures using the leap motion device, as shown below. This should be fun. The nanocopters run an embedded OS called RTOS. You can write leap and copter control code on your laptop and run code directly on the nano copter itself. We want you to do a baseline project of flying your copter "hands free" around a room (e.g., LSC 200) and then come up with some fancy moves yourself. The final demo will be the nancopters taking the Green. Projects will be teams of two.

See the project page for detailed up to date information regarding the project.

Prize: The best project team win a nanocopter and leap each!

We use to race robots prior to 2014

We have added a mote sensor to the bot that allows it to interact with a sensor network built across the CS department. We have also added a camera to the bot. You will write the controller that runs on your laptop and the server side on the rob - all in C and Linux. Once your ready your bot will go on a treasure hunt.  The final task is the CS50 remote controlled bot race.

There are no lectures during the last two weeks of the course.  During this time you will be working in teams programming Gracia robots.

The project page for robot racing can be found here. We use this for all project information -- please refer to the project  page for the latest information. 

Some photos from the "battle robotica" over previous years.

And, first up the cs50 w11 race.

cs23 bot race

Matt at the start line of the first semi-annual CS50 bot race. One your marks, get set, .... 

sensor bot

A CS50 Garcia bot with a wireless sensor (the gray thingy at the top)
and a camera (the eye).

Some more pictures from last terms demo or die day.

See past project blog 2011 for example information on news, announcements and clarifications with the final project.