CodeIt: Debug This

This week's codeIt is getting you to use the Android debugger and clean up some terribly buggy actionTab code. Note, the debugger is your friend and only those students that write bug free code need skip it use ;-). It is important end of week 2 that you start to become proficient with the debugger. Your code is going to becomes more complex and bugs grow with the number of lines of code in your project. By the time you complete MyRuns there will be a large number of components and many lines of code. Becoming adept at using the debugger will help track down and swat those pesky bugs quicker.

Before you star the codeIt read my debug notes and go through the examples there -- if you don't do this you will spend more time on the codeIt for sure.

There are 10 bugs in this code - 1 point for each bug. Be sure you fully functionally play with the cleaned apk; so you become aware of any functional bugs; for example, check the behavior of the app using the widgets on each page and response to edge user actions. Some of the bugs are easy and others are harder. Bugs lurk at the edges.

Here is the buggy debug_this code.

OK, I'm going to give some general hints where some of the bugs lurk:

Hope that helps.

Good luck with the mission and Have fun.

PS Last hint: once you load the app it immediately crashes.