In this assignment, we are providing you with the code for a RunTracking application (similar to the one being discussed in the class). The basic functionality of the app is to create new runs, and the app saves the run data (i.e. the location data in SQLite database).

Download the buggy RunTracker source code and start to find and swat the bugs.Here is the APK that you run on your phone. Note, this is the version of the app that we've already debugged so functionally you can see what the app is suppose to do when it's been debugged.

Here is a simple flow of the app: when the app loads, you can click on the + icon in the menu, to create a new Run, or select any previous run from the list as shown in (a).

Based on your selection, it will open the the screen as shown in (b). If you selected a previous run, it will load the details of the previous run, else it will ask you to start a new run.

Note: You can ‘Start’ a previously selected run as well. It will just resume that run. You can also click on the Locations button, and it will generate a list of LatLong objects that were created in that particular run. As shown in (c).

So we have incorporated 6 bugs into the code, which you need to fix. Don’t worry, the bugs are fairly straightforward and can be fixed quickly. We have attached a demo application, so that you can get a feel of what actually should happen in the app, and you can fix your bugs to make the app work in a similar fashion.

Please note, you cannot change any method definitions that we have created, nor are you required to write your own methods. If you need to write more than 1 line of code to fix the bug, you are probably doing it incorrectly ;). Ideally all the bugs can be fixed in maximum 1 line each.