Current lab members

  • Chris Bailey-Kellogg
  • Bowen Dai
  • Mahita Jarjapu
  • Daniel Mattox
  • Natalia Syzochenko
  • Srivamshi Pittala

Highlighted projects

  • deimmunization
  • antibody effector functions
  • MHC:peptide:TCR
  • graphical models
  • recombination
  • oligomer

Current/upcoming classes

2018-19 academic year: Research leave

Recent papers

  • Route of immunization defines multiple mechanisms of vaccine-mediated protection against SIV
  • Pareto optimization of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries
  • DisruPPI: Structure-based computational redesign algorithm for protein binding disruption
  • High-resolution definition of humoral immune response correlates of effective immunity against HIV
  • Computationally-driven identification of antibody epitopes
  • Computationally optimized deimmunization libraries yield highly mutated enzymes with low immunogenicity and enhanced activity





cbk -at- cs -dot- dartmouth -dot- edu
6211 Sudikoff Lab, Hanover, NH 03755, USA
Sudikoff Lab (corner of Maynard & College), room 250