The current version of Java (Standard Edition) is version 8. Install this first. In particular, you must install the JDK (Java Development Kit) and not just the Java Runtime Environment (JRE, used e.g., in web browsers). Doesn't hurt to reinstall, so do.

Official documentation and tutorials.


We are using the Eclipse environment for developing our Java programs. Installation instructions:

  1. Install Java first, as described above.
  2. If you already have Eclipse installed, it's easiest to just throw it away. If you have a workspace you want to save, you might want to move / rename it for now, and create a new one as described below.
  3. Follow the links to download Eclipse
  4. An installer will be downloaded to wherever you keep downloads. Run it.
  5. Select "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" (not Java EE Developers) [screenshot].
  6. The default installation directory is probably fine. Note that that's where the program will "live", so you might want to make a shortcut to it.
  7. Once it's installed, launch it!
  8. Select a workspace; the suggestion is fine. Check the box to use it as a default. [screenshot]
  9. A splash screen will appear. Click the "Workbench" icon in the upper left. You can uncheck the button to skip this screen in the future. [screenshot]
  10. Now you're in the "integrated development environment (IDE)"! [screenshot]
  11. Go ahead and set up a Java project named "cs10" to hold the files for this class. Menu "File" — "New..." — "Java Project". Give it a name (cs10) and accept the defaults for the other options, and hit the "Finish" button. [screenshot]
  12. You can customize the windows (panes) as you desire; e.g., I get rid of the task list and outline.

Notes for basic usage of Eclipse in CS 10 (helpful hints are posted on Piazza; please add your own!):


The "video processing" lecture, and a portion of Problem Set 1, make use of JavaCV, currently at version 1.2. It is installed on Sudikoff Lab machines, but you might want to install it on your machine too. If you have problems, look/post on Piazza, and use the lab machines until it gets straightened out.