Sep 18Congratulations to Srivamshi, along with collaborators in Margie Ackerman's lab and Galit Alter's lab and others, for a Nature Medicine paper appearing today: "Route of immunization defines multiple mechanisms of vaccine-mediated protection against SIV"
Aug 18Congratulations to Daniel, who was awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Big Data in the Life Sciences fellowship
Aug 18Congratulations to Arij Elfaki and Sahaj Shah, who were awarded Sophomore Science Scholarships to do research with us this year
Jul 18Congratulations to Deep, whose paper "Pareto optimization of combinatorial mutagenesis libraries" has now come out in IEEE TCBB
Jul 18We anticipate an additional postdoc position in computationally-directed immune engineering, and welcome applications now
Apr 18Congratulations to Daniel, who will be doing an internship at NASA this summer on the analysis of Spaceflight Omics data.
Apr 18Congratulations to Jenn (Margie Ackerman's lab) and Deep, whose paper "Towards conformational fidelity of a quaternary HIV-1 epitope: computational design and directed evolution of a minimal V1V2 antigen " has been accepted for publication in PEDS
Apr 18Congratulations to Yoonjoo and Ryan, as well as Jake (Karl Griswold's lab), whose paper "DisruPPI: Structure-based computational redesign algorithm for protein binding disruption" has been accepted to the ISMB conference, to be published in Bioinformatics
Feb 18Congratulations to Karen for contributions to the paper "High-resolution definition of humoral correlates of effective immunity against HIV" to be published in Molecular Systems Biology
Feb 18Congratulations to Ellen for being awarded a grant from the Mark A. Hansen Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Fund to support her full-time research spring term
Feb 18Congrulations to Derek (Margie Ackerman's lab), whose paper "Fine epitope signature of antibody neutralization breadth at the HIV-1 envelope CD4-binding site" has been accepted to JCI Insight
Jan 18We have been awarded a BioMT pilot project, in collaboration with Margie Ackerman: "Engineering Immunogens to Focus the Immune Response on Broadly-Neutralizing Dengue Epitopes"
Jan 18Congratulations to Neerja for being one of only 10 US receipients of the Adobe Women-In-Technology Scholarhip
Jan 18Welcome to Dr. Natalia Syzochenko, who is joining us as a postdoc after completing her PhD at the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity
Dec 17Congratulations to Yoonjoo as welll as Casey (Margie Ackerman's lab), whose paper "Computationally-driven Identification of Antibody Epitopes" has been accepted to eLife
Nov 17Welcome to Arij Elfaki, who will be joining us for a WISP internship on antibody:antigen modeling
Oct 17Congratulations to Ellen for being awarded a Neukom Scholarship to support her research this winter.
Sep 17Welcome to CS student Bowen Dai, who is joining us for his PhD research
Jun 17Welcome to QBS student Daniel Mattox, who is joining us for his PhD research
Jun 17Congratulations to Deep and Andrew P. for their contributions to our latest deimmunization paper "Computationally optimized deimmunization libraries yield highly mutated enzymes with low immunogenicity and enhanced activity", published in PNAS
Jun 17Congratulations to Srivamshi for contributions to a paper just published in Nature Communications: "Pentavalent HIV-1 vaccine protects against simian-human immunodeficiency virus challenge"
Jun 17Congratulations to Chris Park for being awarded honors for graduation, due in part to his honors thesis "An Iterative Approach to Computational Epitope Localization by Integrating Epitope Binning Data and Antigen Mutagenesis Analysis"
May 17Chris is speaking at PEGS Boston on "Preclinical immunogenicity assessment of engineered lysins: next-gen antibiotics"
Mar 17Chris is speaking at PEGS China on "Computationally-driven engineering of an anti-tumor antibody"
Mar 17Chris is speaking at Biocon on "Computationally-driven reengineering of biologics"

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