Assignments will be added here as they are released.

For general information about the reading assignments and labs, see the All about assignments page.

Lab assignments

The prerequisite for all the assignments in this class is for you to obtain an IBM Cloud id. This will give you access to all of the Watson services we will be using this term. This access is free, and you can do it anytime (even before class begins). Just follow the instructions for Lab 0 below:

Lab 0 : Watson development setup

Lab 1 : Bot them! with Watson Assistant

Lab 2 : Titanic prediction

Project : What if Watson was used in ...

Project : Team Evaluation

Reading assignment guides

Reading is assigned each week. The reading guides include ideas and questions to prepare you for the discussion sessions on Fridays.

Chapters 1-2 : Introduction and motivations

Chapters 3-5 : Data and improving predictions

Chapters 6-8 : Business processes and people

Chapters 9-11 : Predictions beyond the corporation

Study guide : Quiz 1, Spring 2022

Debater article : The Silicon Soapbox

Chapters 12-14 : Tools

Chapters 15-17 : Strategies for leveraging prediction

Chapters 18-19 : How much will WE change?