“The term microcentury to denotes the maximum length of a lecture. One microcentury is 52 minutes and 35.69 seconds – one millionth of a century.”
– Mathematician John von Neumann

Some class topics will be supported by lecture notes. These should be available the day of the class and will complement what is discussed in class. We try to include in the class notes most of what we plan to discuss in class, but there is always additional material that is included in class that could be on the quizzes.

Date Topic Visuals
03/28/2022 01-Introduction to cognitive computing Slides
03/30/2022 02-Overview of Neural Networks, GA's and GP's Slides
04/02/2021 Reading 01: Chapters 1-2 Slides
04/05/2021 03-ChatBots Slides
04/06/2022 04-Assistant-IntEnt Slides
04/08/2022 Reading 02: Chapters 3-5 Slides
04/11/2022 05-Watson Assistant: Intents and Entities Slides
04/13/2022 06-Assistant: Dialogs Slides
04/15/2022 Reading 3: Chapters 6-8 Slides
04/20/2022 06-Natural Language Understanding Slides
04/22/2022 Reading 4: Chapters 9-11 Slides
04/29/2022 Reading 5: Chapters 12-14 Slides
05/06/2022 Reading 6: Chapters 15-17
05/13/2022 Reading 7: Chapters 18-19 Slides
05/18/2022 Guest Lecture: Adversarial ML Slides
05/23/2022” AI Safety Slides