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Castle and Court Music from Scotland

My book of Scottish music for harp, keyboard, or other instruments. Contains transcriptions from the Straloch and Rowallan Lute Manuscripts.

2010 update: I am not currently playing much Harp, due to some muscle injuries. However, I am still very interested in harps, and especially Early music for harp. At present, I am the only person selling this book. Click on the link above for more information. "Big Bird" is, sadly, also currently out of commission. Her soundboard cracked, and I am looking for someone who can restore her.

My Harps

This harp is a copy of a Spanish renaissance harp. It is named "Big Bird". and was made by Lynne Lewandowski, of Brattleboro, Vermont. I also have a wonderful Flemish harp built by Ansel Erickson-Zinter of Westover harps. It is pictured below The picture of "big bird" nesting is her golf cart carrier,adapted slightly for her needs.I paid $15.00 for it-works great.This harp is great for Paraguayan music-a big bright sound.

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