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Numbers after each title indicate sizes and prices available above.
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(1) 8"x10" matted $22.00

(2) 11"x14" matted $35.00

(3) 10.5" X13.5" UNMATTED (will fit in a 16"x20" mat) $45.00

(4) 16"X20" matted $65.00

(5) 18"x24" matted $85.00


(6) 10.5"x13.5" UNMATTED (will fit a 16"X20" mat) $55.00

(7) 16"X20" matted $85.00

(8) 18"x24" matted $125.00

SHIPPING and HANDLING CHARGES: Shipping prices are calculated according to price:
up to USD $22.00 = $4.50
$22.01-$65.00 = $8.50
$65.01 up to $85.00 = $12.50
$85.01-$250.00 = $15.50
$250.01 and up = $25.00

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when filling out this form enter the NAME of theprint in the blank provided titled: PAYMENT FOR
print size and price
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IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you see a painting offered as a print that you would like to purchase as an original, please contact me.

MY PRINT POLICY and COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: No original commissioned portrait can be reproduced without the permission of the owner a\ nd myself.That is my personal policy. However, it is against the law for ANYONE, even the owner of an original painting or a PRINT, to reproduce it without permission of the artist.

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Numbers after each title indicate sizes and prices available, as indicated above




  • Wood Duck (1)
  • *Flicker* open edition prints (4)
  • Canada Goose *Goose at Sunrise* open edition prints (2)(4)(5)
  • Canada Geese-*Goose and Gosling* open edition prints (4)
  • *Cormorant at Sunrise* open edition prints (4)(5)
  • Green Heron open edition prints (4)
  • Common Loon-*Loon Arising* open edition prints (4)(5)
  • Raven-open edition prints(2)(4)
  • Wildlife

  • *Fox in the Forest* (3)(4)
  • White-tail Deer *Yearling* open edition prints (4)
  • li>White-tail Deer *Young Doe* open edition prints (4)
  • Fox-open edition prints (1)(2)(4)
  • Mountain Lion (cougar)-limited edition of 75 prints 18"x24" (8)
  • open edition prints-from a photo by Brian Rosenbloom(4)
  • Raccoon Visitor-open edition prints (2)(4)
  • Bear-open edition prints (2)(4)
  • River Otters-open edition prints (4)

  • African Wildlife

    Farm Animals

  • Wild Three-horses-open edition prints (2)(4)
  • Pastel-Jacob Sheep-open edition prints (2)(4)
  • 3 Sheep-open edition prints (1)(2)(4)
  • Two Cows in hay, barn-open edition prints (2)(4)
  • Norweijan Flord Horse-open edition prints (2)(4)
  • Boar-open edition prints(2)(4)
  • wee pig-open edition prints (1)(2)
  • three pigs *West-Pigster Choir*-open edition prints (1)(2)(4) If you don't see your favourite animal here, ask me! Or commission a portrait of your pet.

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